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Posted:  13 Jan 2010 00:09
I'm trying to find a recording or music for this lovely song my Grandmother used to love.  I can remember how the chorus goes but not the verse.
It means a lot to our family because our sir name is WILLING! 

Make me willing to wait patiently
for the answers I’ve prayed for so long.
Make me willing to listen to Thee
and to say “not my will, but Thine be done”.
Make me willing to thank Thee for tears
And for the heartaches that cause me to pray.
Will you make me a vessel the Master can use
Keep me willing the rest of my days.

My Father points the way to go
Then makes the way for me.
He tells me I must trust in Him
My faith will help me see.
The road may not be easy
The testing will be great
But then my Lord reminds me
That He will help me wait.
Posted:  10 Dec 2010 18:57   Last Edited By: HLS
Hello, Pwilling.

I've heard this song on WFME-Newark (94.7 FM), NJ, NY (Family Stations, Inc., Oakland, CA)
If you catch it playing, you can write them with the day, time, and station you heard it on,
and they'll send you the name of the artist and album name.  But most of the
music they play is out of print.

I am personally looking for the sheet music for this song to perform in church.
If I discover it, I'll share it with you.

Best wishes on your search.
Posted:  17 Dec 2010 01:44

I have this song on a recording by the Revivaltime Choir.  It is an LP by Word Records WST-8607.  This recording dates from 1973 so don't know how available it may be.  God bless
Posted:  06 Mar 2012 08:10
I can sing the whole song for you if u like call 408 6655390 Eddie
Posted:  22 Apr 2012 15:17
Make Me Willing, hymn by David H. Judson.
Posted:  09 May 2012 16:47
Danny Gaither sang this on a live album by the Gaither Trio in the 70's. I have a mp3 file for you to share if u still want it.
Posted:  23 Aug 2013 19:37
Diane Susek also sings this on Family Radio.
Posted:  04 Jan 2015 06:43
I do believe this is the one written by Russell Lindberg and copyrighted in 1964.
I have the special piano music but no words.  However, the lyrics pwilling has posted are in sync with the lovely melody in my music.
Posted:  26 Apr 2015 21:54
I would love to have a copy of the special piano music listed above.  If this is
possible please call me at 207-499-7333  I will pay for copy and mailing.  Thanks
Posted:  27 Apr 2015 00:27
Here is a recording of Danny Gaither singing Make Me Willing
Posted:  14 Jan 2016 16:56
I would very much like to have the lyrics and music to the song" Make Me Willing". I want to be able to sing this at church.contact me at omaberger11@gmail.com. thank you!
Posted:  22 Nov 2016 19:22
Today was the first time I heard this beautiful song. The words sank into my thoughts and heart, so I would like to have the sheet music for it. How much is it to buy, please? Do let me know. My email address is duane143paul@easynet.co.uk
Thank you.
Posted:  25 Jan 2017 06:39
Thank you all so much I was able to get all the lyrics!
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