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Posted:  10 Oct 2006 08:47
i need the words to this hymn..comming soon..jesus in all his glory..not just a savior
Posted:  11 Oct 2006 04:07
cho.]  coming soon, Jesus in all his glory. not just a savior, but a reigning king. coming soon and the whole world will be a witness, oh be ready for he is coming soon.

1.] once he came to this old world of sin and sorrow an humble babe in a manger in bethlehem. but this time he's coming in all his power great kings of earth will bow and worship his great name.

2.] and when he comes he'll bind the power of old satan. little children with the lamb and lion will play. all the earth will be so filled with his glory. no need for crying for our tears are wiped away.
Posted:  11 Oct 2006 06:43
thank you sooo much...i've been looking for this for a long time.God bless you!!
Posted:  13 Dec 2007 20:41
who sings the song?
Posted:  29 Apr 2008 20:14
thanks i've been looking for that song for a very long time .
Posted:  23 May 2008 14:13
Thank you so much years i've been looking for that song god bless you
Posted:  24 May 2008 05:00
thanx my sister has been wanting this song!
Posted:  06 Sep 2008 17:04
thanks, I wl sing this song today in church.  I hope hearts wil be blessed.
Posted:  08 Sep 2008 01:02
Who sings this song?  Does anybody know? hctigers@gmail.com
Posted:  10 Sep 2008 22:34
you can find it on youtube.com I heard someone singing this song it's a beautiful song http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_yssYS6r3k
Posted:  01 Sep 2009 03:24
i think it is john spencer and his family - he made th esong famous in the 40' &50's
Posted:  08 Mar 2010 12:40
Thanks so much

Those are the correct word i've been searching for a while.
Posted:  22 Aug 2010 00:15
Kevin Spencer is the singer of this song - Comming Soon. You can see him on YouTube, it iw great!
Posted:  07 Dec 2015 18:20
Does anyone have the chords to this song
Posted:  11 Dec 2015 18:18
It was recorded by the original Spencers album was called "coming Soon"  year was  1989
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