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Posted:  15 Dec 2009 03:47

Looking for the hymn that has the lyrics in it:  You know, I'm not afraid to cross that river.  My Father owns the land on both sides....

That's all my husband can remember of it. 

Does it sound familiar to anyone?
Posted:  02 Jan 2010 03:37
my email address is harless2001@yahoo.com    My grandfather wrote that song.  Send me an email and i'll send you the lyrics.
Posted:  03 Jan 2010 08:23
i"m weary & i long for that peaceful land-this journey'sbeen rough & long When I feel his spirit I sing  my song Oh Lord it can't be too long

Oh no I not , I'm not afraid to cross this river my Father owns the land on both sides- He'll walk with me through the shadows Then home sweet home i'll abide

In the distance I can see that beauitful shore,I'm nearing the end og day,And he'll take me over to that land so fair to that land of prefect day
Posted:  03 Jan 2010 08:33
Hope you enjoy the song as much i have---A VERY BLESSED SONG
Posted:  22 Jun 2010 15:58
I would love to be able to hear that song.  Is there a site where I can go to hear someone singing I'm Not Afraid (To Cross That River)?  I found one girl singing it on You Tube, but she wasn't singing the words that were written in the songbook, Our Favorite Songs Volume 5 The Primitive Quartet.
Posted:  05 Mar 2011 21:33
Posted:  07 Apr 2011 22:35
What is the song titile?
Posted:  18 Jun 2014 23:16
Does anyone know what the chords are.  My daughters and I are beginner musicians and would like to play this together, but I cant find the chords.

Thanks, Antny
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