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Posted:  09 Oct 2006 19:33
Not sure if this is the exact title.  A lady at church had asked me if I knew the song.  She said she heard it on the radio, but didn't get the title or who sang it, although that title seemed like it might be right.  She said it sounded like a bluegrass gospel because you could hear the mandolin or banjo in the background.  I had done an internet seach, but a title similar by Sharron Kay King had that she sang accopello..not spelled right..anyway, without music.....thanks for any help with lyrics or artist...thanks again and God bless, debbie
Posted:  17 Jan 2008 19:50

Verse I
There's been times when I'm sad, and times when I'm glad
The Lord is always there holding to my hand
Makes no difference where I am I just call out His name
For the Lord is my best friend

Oh the Lord is my best friend
He knows all about me
He knows where I've been
He knows my heart, soul & mind
He's there all the time
The Lord is my best friend

Verse II
He is there when I pray, He hears every word I say
He delights in the songs I sing to Him each day
I will shout and praise His name for He's always the same
The Lord is my best friend

Verse II
One day soon I will be with my friend from Galilee
Hand in hand we'll walk throughout eternity
For He saved me from my sin He promised I would win
Oh the Lord is my best friend

Jesus you are my best friend!
(words by Sharron Kay King)

Many Blessings,

Sharron Kay King
Posted:  19 Feb 2012 14:38
I did write the lyrics & music ~ I appreciate all who enjoy my music!
Many Blessin's,
Sharron Kay King
Posted:  20 Feb 2012 06:19
Wow!  Sharron Kay King looks at this site?!  I love your music and singing!!!!  By the way, are you related to Jessica King?  God bless you in your service to Him!

Posted:  07 Oct 2012 04:26
My name is Sharon Kay as well and I loved this song when I first heard it recently.  It is so true of my life with Jesus.  Thank you.
Posted:  31 Aug 2015 04:09
My grandson sings this song now since 5 years old till 8 and still going ...it is a blessing through him...sometimes it takes a child to find what we are missing
Posted:  05 Jun 2017 05:21
I love this song

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