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Posted:  09 Dec 2009 04:14
I need the lyrics to an old song that has the words=== We'll be home before the roses bloom in the spring====
Thanks for your help
Posted:  10 Dec 2009 08:18
The only song that remotely comes to my mind is

             Roses will bloom again..

   Verse 1
I planted a little rose bush,
I tended it with care,
It’s buds began to blossom
Their fragrance filled the air
But when winter came it withered,
The petals drooped and fell to the ground,
My heart sank as it faded,
But I’d forgotten who had made it.

Roses will bloom again,
Just wait and see
Don’t mourn what might have been
Only God knows how and when that
Roses will bloom again.

Rose was his only sweetheart,
A loving wife for forty years.
Cherished every day they had,
And held memories oh so dear
He never dreamed he’s bore love
And go to live alone,
But he lay his Rose to rest,
Looked up to heaven and tried his best
To believe that



The precious Rose of Sharon,
Broken and bruised in cruel shame,
Stained on the cross of Calvary,
So that men might be saved,
Oh, Satan cheered as He died,
While Mary and the others cried,
Then God raised Him up from that sleep
And kept a promise on He could keep.

... Is this the one your looking for?
Posted:  10 Dec 2009 08:24
so sorry just realized you may want the song come spring...

I'll be gone to be with Jesus   
                                                "Come Spring"

v1)  I stood in a lonely room of a mother old and gray
Her vice so weak she could hardly speak, I brushed a tear away.
She was watching the little snowflakes falliing on the window pane
She breathed a sigh and then replied, I'll be gone to be with Jesus
come spring.

c1) Before the roses bloom, in my garden;
I'll be gathering flowers in a better land
Before the fields are green, before the robin sings
I'll be gone to be with Jesus come spring.

v2)There's a big gate standing open, a gentle voice calls me home;
soon I'll be in God's country in a garden of my own.
With my troubles all behind me and my body free from pain;
When the sun melts the snow and the warm winds blow,
I'll be gone to be with Jesus, come spring.

c2) Now the Roses  bloomed in her garden
And she's gathering flowers in a better land;
She's gone where angels sing,   earth's loss is Heaven's gain.
But, we'll meet when God gathers flowers, come spring.
Posted:  26 Dec 2009 05:13
Thank you so much. There is another song very similar to this about roses blooming  in the spring that says "we'll be home before the roses bloom". It's a very old song from my childhood. I appreciare your help
Posted:  29 Jan 2012 02:01
It's called BEFORE THE ROSES BLOOM AGAIN... My momma and I sing it all the time.

When the leaves begin to fall, and the Birds start flying south
Nature sighs her gentle whisper and summers gone.
When I see the scarlet roses drop their petals to the ground
I get a feeling deep inside me to go home.

Before the roses bloom again, we may be walking the streets of Glory
for each season brings us closer to the end.
When I see the flowers fade, a gentle thought reminds me
We may be home before the roses bloom again.

When I see Gods little creatures storing their winters food
and I see his children start to gather in.
Seems I can hear a distant call, this may be the last snowfall
We may be home before the roses bloom again.

Chorus repeat
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