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Posted:  06 Oct 2006 20:45
I am looking for the lyrics to the song by Minzo Jones entitled, Heaven Will Be Worth It all. Can you help?
Posted:  06 Oct 2006 23:29
It is in New songs of Inspiration # Nine
Posted:  07 Oct 2006 03:19

Of-ten I'm hindered on my way
Burdened so heavy I almost fall
Then I hear Jesus sweetly say
Heaven will surely be wortyh it all

Heaven will surely be worth it all
Worth all the sorrows that here be-fall
After this life with all its strife
Heaven will surely be worth it all

Man-y the trials,toils and tears
Man-y a heartache may here appall
But the dear Lord so truly says
Heaven will surely be worth it all

Toiling and pain I will endure
Till I shall hear the death angle call
Jesus has promised and I'm sure
Heaven will surely be worth it all
Posted:  01 Dec 2010 01:50
Minzo Jones is my husband's grandfather.  If you have any other information about him , we would like to  hear it.  He was never concerned about getting credit for anything, just writing music to serve our Lord.
Virginia Jones
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