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Posted:  23 Nov 2009 05:37
Does anyone have the lyrics to He whom the son sets free sung by Nancy Harmon

it starts out:
I remember standing on that ole auction block of sin
Posted:  24 Nov 2009 03:53
He That the Son Hath Set Free

He that the Son hath set free is free indeed
No more chains or slavery
Truth has triumphed with liberty
He that the Son hath set free is free indeed

Verse 1:
I remember standing on the auction block on sin
Satan controlled me because he had the highest bid
Then ownership was transferred that day at Calvary
Jesus whispered, "Child, I bought you--so that I could set you free."

(Repeat Chorus)

Now I belong to Jesus
I'm a child of the King
I traded filthy garments, for my robes of royalty
The chains that used to bind me
They are laying at my feet
Because the devil can't make a lock
That the Lord doesn't hold the key
Posted:  26 Jan 2010 00:28
i beleive there is a part that goes death couldnt kill him and the power of death couldnt kill him but he came forth with the key in his hand or something
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