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Posted:  04 Oct 2006 06:07
Do you know the name and lyrics to this song. It goes like this: Use me Lord, in your service. Draw me nearer, every day.  Lord, I'm willing, willing to run on all the way. If I stumble while I'm trying, don't get angry, just let me stay. Lord I'm will, willing to run on, all the way.
Posted:  23 Feb 2008 15:40
yes what are all of the words
Posted:  11 Feb 2009 04:44
i was wanting the lyrics to the whole song if you know it please
Posted:  14 Feb 2009 02:51
1.  Use me Lord in your service, draw me nearer every day, and I'll be will Lord to run all the way.  and if I falter while I'm trying, don't be angry, just help me stand.  And I'll be willing Lord to run all the way.

2.  Wasted days are now behind me, my evening sun is sinking fast.  And there are mountains in my life so hard to climb.  But Lord I promised, I'd be climbing if you'd only let me in.  And I'm willing Lord to run all the way.

3.  when I've done my best in service and there is nothing that I can do.  I'm just a weary tired pilgrim who serves the Lord.  Only linger ever near me until I reach that home sweet home, and I'll be willing Lord to run all the way.

All the way, all the way, all the way, all the way.  I'm willing Lord to run all the way.  and if I falter while I'm trying, don't be angry, just help me stand.  And I'll be willing lord to run all the way.

Be Blessed!
Posted:  18 Mar 2009 21:13
do you have the sheet music to this song/???
Posted:  18 Apr 2009 16:52
I am sorry, I don't have any sheet music.
Posted:  26 Apr 2009 23:45
I love the Lord, He heard me cry
Posted:  26 Jan 2010 19:24
who sings
Use me lord in your service, draw me nearer everyday, and I'll be
Posted:  20 Oct 2010 09:03
The name of the song is "I'm Willin" it was recorded by the Staple Singer's, there is a Part 1 and a Part 2.  Part 2 begins "All the way"...Mavis Staples sings the lead on both parts
Posted:  01 Dec 2010 23:54

Posted:  24 Jun 2011 00:08
Can anyone please tell me the name of this song and artists... Here is my life take it dear lord, mold it and shape it according to your word. Hide me from evil keep me from sin.....
Posted:  30 Oct 2011 05:56
Does anyone have the Lyrics for this song?  it contains the following words some where in it.

I hear of a Dad who had one Son but He wanted more...

Chorus:Praise the LORD, Praise the LORD I am adopted in God's family,
Praise the LORD, Praise the LORD I am a child of the King
Posted:  04 Aug 2012 04:12
I have been searching for this song for years... Nobody can match The Rev, Joe N. Crout of Ypsilanti, Mi. Nwe Covanant Baptist Church, when it comes to reviving that old spiritual feel. He Says the Lord has not guidesd him into recording it.... Bro. L.W. Flint Mi
Posted:  27 Jan 2013 08:32
Thank you.I,m Elder Thomas Gibson of Victoria,Tx.I learned this lengthen I was a young man.I still sing it at least three or four times a year. It causes the people to cry, and look back,it makes you know you,re not going to be here forever.
Posted:  12 Apr 2013 12:20
This is one of the precious hymns of the saints.
Posted:  08 Aug 2013 09:00
Carlton Pearson at Azusa sings  "All the Way"
Posted:  16 Mar 2014 19:14
Me and my father sing the song as a duet....My dad pastors Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Oakdale,Louisiana...He has taught me to appreciate the old school gospel hymns
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