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Posted:  30 Apr 2008 22:01
or you cold go to www.youtube.com type in Singnature Sound Group . I heard this n youtube and it was beautiful it got me in tears Because we have 1 mighty saviour.
Posted:  31 May 2008 17:34
this song is wonderful! i love it.
Posted:  08 Jun 2008 00:33
If this songs words and meaning don't get you thinking how greatful we should be, you need Gods help to understand this heartfelt message. The Cathedrals sing it also. I am trying to find the lyrics. Will post them when I find them.    Wa2qle Bob
Posted:  08 Jun 2008 02:50
The song is   "Oh What  A  Savior"

This is the words sung by "The Cathedrals"
It may very because there is a verse they didn't sing as posted here earliar. I am typing only this versions words.  They start with  "He gave His lifes blood
for you and me.

He gave His lifes blood for you and me.

Once I was straying in sins dark valley,
No hope within could I see
They searched thru Heaven,
and they found a Savior,
To save a poor lost soul like me.


Oh what a Savior! Oh Hallelujah
His heart was broken on Calvary,
His hands were nail scared: His side was driven.
He gave His lifes blood for you and me.

Deaths chilly waters on of these days I'll be crossing,
But His hands will lead me safe o"re
Then I'll join that chorus in that Great city
I'll sing up there for ever and ever more.


Oh what a Savior! Oh Hallelujah
His heart was broken on Calvary  (inserted in 2nd chorus) for you and me.
His hands were nail scared: His side was driven
He gave his lifes blood for you and me.

Oh what a Savior!

Note: The Cathedrals recorded this in a album called "A Farewell Celebration" in 1999 but no record label mentioned.

They also recorded it again on a 2 compact disc named "The Cathedrals"
in June of 2001 but it is not even close to the cut on A Farewell Celebration.

Amazon will give you the albums they did. NO, I have nothing to do with the group or their albums. My only attempt to post this is that it may bring you closer with Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Comments are welcome.
Posted:  10 Jun 2008 11:18
"Oh What A Savior"

   Posted Above!!!
These are the lyrics used by The Cathedrals  on their Album "A Farewell Celebration"

This is without a doubt the best arrangement I have ever heard of this song. You may find the 30 second sound clip on Amazon.com...or other music  services. Let me know if you have another group singing it.
Posted:  13 Jun 2008 08:16
I know this is a music site. I am very glad I found It. There is a difference in the versions. However, if moved by the Spirit AS I HAVE been and unable till today to find even the words. God has keep the chorus on my mind for about 6 days. I was called of God to sing, & I have taken a lot of poetic license with Oh what a Savior! When praising God "you and me" easily can become "even me" or in my case "for such AS ME" CHILDREN of GOD, LET GO and LET GOD!
Posted:  13 Jun 2008 08:36
Bob,    Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Group has a great arrangement. I do believe  it is a Bill Gaither soun, could be wrong abou that.  Meant to add this to my last message.  GUEST  posted 13 Jun 2008 08:16   name, Rietta
Posted:  19 Jul 2008 09:30
WHAT A SAVIOR        (1948)
    W & M By Marvin Dalton       Bb    4/4

(all verses are above)

Posted:  19 Jul 2008 20:47   Last Edited By: steveliu
Here's a downloadable version on iTunes by Ernie Haase

Ernie Haase - Signature Voices of Southern Go ...
Posted:  16 Aug 2008 04:19
thanks for the lyrics,
Bro. JR De Guzman
Posted:  15 Sep 2008 14:59
sir, can you post a music-code for this song?
Posted:  26 Feb 2009 15:37
I  am new here, and this is a request from a few years ago, but this is a beautiful song, and thought it might be a help for those searching for it,    Higher Praise is a good site to look for lyrics and chords,  not always correct, but a help none the less.

  The Anchor Holds           by Ray Boltz

Intro:C/G  G  C/G
G        C/G
I have journeyed
G                          C/G
through the long, dark night
G  Gmaj7 Em         D   D/f#
out on the open sea
Am          D
By faith alone
G    Bm/f#  Em
    sight unknown
C               D                  G  G/C  C
and yet his eyes were watching me

{ refrain: }
G    (C G)
The anchor holds
C       (F C)
though the ship is battered
D    (G D)
The anchor holds
G   (C G)
though the sails are torn
C    G7   Gmaj7   D#dim7
[but] I have fallen on my knees
C    Em/B         Am
as I faced the ranging seas
D                D/F#
The anchor holds
   [backvocs:        The anchor holds]
                      G     C  (D)
in spite of the storm

Verse 2: G {simile}
I've had visions
I've had dreams
I've even held them in my hand
But I never knew
they would slip right through
like they were only grains of sand

{ refrain }

{ bridge: }
I have been young
but I am older now
And there has been beauty
these eyes have seen
But it was in the night
G               Bm/F#        Em
through the storms of my live
C                             Am
Oh, that?s where God proved
his love to me

{ refrain }

C    G7   Gmaj7   F#dim7
I have fallen on my knees
C    Em/B         Am
as I faced the ranging seas
D                D/F#
The anchor holds
   [backvocs:        The anchor holds]
                      G     C D C/E C/G  G
in spite of the storm

Posted:  16 Sep 2009 04:48
If anyone still has need for the music to "What A Savior" (and many other good gospel hymns), our church uses the Mull's Songbook, of which the newest is at this site:


It is a shaped-note songbook.
Posted:  15 Oct 2009 05:30
Please, go to youtube and search for Ernie Haase and listen to him sing "O, What a Savior"..............never like you have ever heard, if you haven't heard him.
Posted:  24 Jan 2010 02:52
according to the song sung by  ray boltz---it is--the anchor holds
Posted:  14 Jun 2010 04:00
Posted:  11 May 2012 09:35
i need the karoke version of Oh what a saviour by Ernie Haase and Signature sound.can you please help me..

if you found, please send it to my email id:
Posted:  23 Jun 2012 21:04
i need lyrics to climbing up the mountain
climbing up the mountain just to rich the top and so on..........
Posted:  27 Aug 2012 20:37
Does anyone have the guitar chords to "Oh what a Savior", I'd like to back up my wife singing it in church. Would be very much appreciated. jjbdickerson@hotmail.com
Posted:  26 Aug 2013 19:55
I don't know who wrote this song "Oh What a Savior"  but I can tell you no one had to search through heaven to find a savior.   Jesus was always in God's plan ti be the savior of the world.   Someone change the lyrics!!!
Posted:  20 Oct 2015 14:52
Someone was asking for The Anchor Holds the other day..I've got it and can send it  or post it ...just email me @ bradleydewaynewhite1@gmail.com
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