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Posted:  28 Aug 2005 19:03
I would like the name and lyrics to the topic title.
Posted:  30 Aug 2005 16:09
The song is " What a Savior".

Once I was straying in sin's dark valley,
No hope withing could I see,
I searched Thru heaven and found a Savior,
To save a poor lost sould like me


Oh what a Savior! Oh Hallelujah
His heart was broken on Calvary,
HIs hands we nail scared: His side was driven,
He gave his life blood for you and me

He left the Father, with all his riches,
WIth calmess sweet and serene,
Came down from heaven and gave his life blood
To make the vilest sinner clean.


Death's chilly waters I'll soon be crossing,
His hands will lead me safe o're
I'll join the chirus in that great city,
And sing up there for ever more


It is a beautiful song, and if you need the music
I might be able to direct you.
Posted:  21 Sep 2005 03:39

If you could direct me that would be great

thanks again,
Posted:  21 Sep 2005 09:27
may i request for mp3 format of the song "oh what a savior".
Posted:  04 Oct 2005 06:55
i am looking for lyrics to and Indian family's song.  "When you're Looking at me you're looking at God's grace."  All I know is that they are Indian.  I wished I knew their names.  Can you help?
Posted:  11 Oct 2005 05:09
I have a copy of the song Oh what a savior done by the statesmen.  if you still want the mp3 email me at mr_marshall48@yahoo.com  and refernce the song in the subject line.  It is a very moving song.

I also have a recording of the song "when you're lookin at me, youre lookin at Gods Grace.  You can email me as well and I will send it to you.  Same email address, put the title in the subject line.
Posted:  26 Oct 2005 03:10
I really enjoy this song.  I have been looking for the lyrics to "The Anchor Holds."  Can you help?  If you can please e-mail me @ tinalovesdereck@hotmail.com.
Posted:  01 Sep 2006 02:04
songbook oh what a savior?


can you help me?

Posted:  16 Nov 2006 19:18
i absolutley LOVE this song!!! i cry everytime i hear it because it's true. He gave everything up for us to be here. we are His miracles.we are warriors for Christ.
Posted:  27 Dec 2006 08:01   Last Edited By: steveliu
For those looking for sheet music to "Hallelujah! What a Savior", it looks like there is a pretty extensive selection at SheetMusicPlus.Com.

Posted:  20 Apr 2007 02:14
I really love this song, do you have the music notes to go along with the words? liquidblue7@yahoo.com
Posted:  20 Apr 2007 20:35
Can't seem to find the sheet music anywhere to "Oh What A Savior". Do you know where I can find it? ntoppel@yahoo.com
Posted:  20 Apr 2007 21:15
A good selection of sheet music is available at SheetMusicPlus.Com. See here.
Posted:  25 Apr 2007 12:07
I live in Latvia and would like to know where I can find this music in the internet? I want to learn with the church quartet.
Posted:  25 Apr 2007 12:13
Sorry, I forgot to write my e-mail: klints28@gmail.com. My name is Andre.
Thank you very much
Posted:  07 May 2007 22:50
hey this is a really good site, i would love to meet sincere christian people that love God, keep the good work up!!!!!
Posted:  11 May 2007 20:55
I would like to get a copy of "Oh What a Savior" in sheet form by the Statesmen.
Posted:  11 May 2007 23:35
Did you get the words to "The Anchor Holds"?
Posted:  18 May 2007 12:16
I am i China, I enjoy southern Gospel music
thank you for this service

wayne d h campbell
Posted:  23 Jul 2007 15:48
Hey man, I LOVE this song!!!!! Im in a group called Never Alone and our lead singer sings this song as a solo....every time i hear it, im so amazed!!! But can you email it to me at bassman81590@yahoo.com
Posted:  23 Jul 2007 15:56
What a an inspirational hymn to behold
Posted:  07 Aug 2007 02:08
You're Looking At Go'ds Grace

Verse 1

Take a look my hands, there are no nail prints there.
Take a look at my brow, no crown of thorns do I wear.
Take a look at my back, no whip has ever left a trace.
And when you're looking at me, you're looking at God's grace.


When you're looking at me, you're looking at God's grace.
I should have hung on the cross in disgrace.
But God sent His Son there to die in my place.
And when you're looking at me, you're looking at God's grace.

Verse 2

Take a look at a woman who once was condemned.
Take a look at a woman who had no hope within.
Oh but praise God through Jesus, all my sins have been erased,
So take a good look at me, you're looking at God's grace.

The song is on an older recording of the Jody Brown Indian Family titled Just Blessed.  I hope this is the song you wanted.
Posted:  26 Sep 2007 17:12
When you're posting the lyrics to any song -- PLEASE Proof Read before you save it.  Oh, What A Savior has several misspelled words.  Maybe I wouldn't be so picky if I hadn't played for quartets for years - the last one having one of the last members of The Stamps Quartet in it (W.R. "Billy" Porter).
Posted:  11 Oct 2007 04:45
The song is "My Anchor Holds", not "The Anchor Holds" and is in many church hymnals.
Posted:  15 Oct 2007 08:51
To the guest who posted on September 26, 2007:   Kind Sir, you had an opportunity which you chose to bypass, to post "Oh What a Savior" in its perfect format, but you did not. Instead, it was far more important to you to chide the poster of "Oh What a Savior" for not proof reading the song. Meanwhile, many of us got blessed by the lyrics of this humble servant.  I know what you MEANT to do was THANK the person who ministered to us through this song. My name is Madlyn.
Posted:  18 Oct 2007 13:17
I have a copy of the MP3 and the Karaoke version of Oh What a Savior but I do not have the sheet music for it. I would love to have the sheet music for this. My mom and I play and sing for the church and we would love to do this song. It is a beautiful beautiful song. You can e-mail me at ml_earl2002@yahoo.com
My name is Mary
Posted:  19 Oct 2007 01:21   Last Edited By: steveliu
Hi Mary,

You're in luck--sheet music is avaialble for purchase at SheetMusicPlus.Com. Enjoy!

O What a Savior

Posted:  20 Oct 2007 04:20
Hi Steve,
Thank you very much I just went and got it.
Posted:  03 Nov 2007 01:48   Last Edited By: steveliu
I don't think the lyrics posted to Oh What a Savior are quite right.  But, you can get the version by the Gaithers on itunes.  It's wonderful!

https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/oh-what-a-s ...
Posted:  09 Feb 2008 15:33
go to www.youtube.com and type in "Cathedral Quartet - Oh What A Savior"
I heard this group on the radio, years ago. It changed my life!
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