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Posted:  08 Nov 2009 02:04
I'm looking for just the lyrics to this song...my youngest daughter was just diagnosed with cancer and I would like to have these lyrics so I can send them to her...
Posted:  08 Nov 2009 05:33
God likes to work when nothing else will

You been to the doctor and he just shook his head
so many nights you've suffered just lying in bed,
but you just can't seem to make it, your body is ill
Friend God likes to work when nothing else will

God likes to work when your back is to the wall
when your fates in the balance and your just about to fall
so they'll be no mistaken when he blesses and heals
Oh God likes to work when nothing else will.

You've met with the banker, he said no with regret
you've tried every way, just to get ahead,
but your hoping and praying for a miracle still
Oh God likes to work when nothing else will.
Posted:  28 Jul 2011 15:02
♫ God likes to work
When your back's to the wall.♫
When faith's in the balance
And you're just about to fall.♫
So there'll be no mistaking when He blesses and heals,
Oh God likes to work when nothing else will.♫
Posted:  02 Apr 2012 20:47
thank you for posting these lyrics.. they bless me so much and help me to keep faith .. my husband has stage 4 liver cancer and the doctors has told us that there is nothing else that they can do .. we have 3 children and he is only 38 years old .. I'm counting on God working when nothing else will.
Posted:  18 Aug 2013 05:53
With finances and my husband not working for over a year and no money coming in but $70 a week and debt climbing.  And alls I can do is "stand" with my Armor of God.
God will do all the fighting.  Your songs were given to me by a brother in Christ and this one I played tonight AFTER I had told him yesterday that my back is to the wall and I can't even move.  Praise God he used you to make these songs to give comfort!
Posted:  15 Jun 2015 23:59
With God all things are possible, guys as great as this song is, if you really need incouragement, read job, and first Samuel ch30.. And remember God loves you, even if the answer is no, he loves you and knows what's best...
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