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Posted:  06 Nov 2009 11:46
My friend is dying, and I would like to quote and/or sing the hymn with special words lik the Garden hymn. It goes like this: and he walks with me and he talks with me and tells me I am his own.  Any other suggestions would be very welcome please.  Thank you!
Posted:  06 Nov 2009 14:45
My mother passed away from cancer not to long ago and this was her
favorite song because of the words. I hope this helps you and God Bless!

A Little Spot In Heaven

Verse: 1
I don’t ask you Lord to lighten up my burdens,
I don’t mind the trials on earth that I go through,
beyond doubt I want to prove that I am worthy,
of a little spot in heaven close to you.

Precious Lord forget me not don’t pass me by,
though there may be others worthier than I,
if you can then Lord here’s what I’d have you do,
save a little spot in heaven close to you.

Verse: 2
If my wish is more than I deserve forgive me,
up in heaven any place will surely do,
but I’ve done my best and that is why I’m asking,
for a little spot in heaven close to you.

Verse: 3
At the alter years ago we got acquainted,
and as time went on the love in my heart grew,
if it’s not asking too much Lord won’t you grant me,
just a little spot in heaven close to you.
Posted:  06 Nov 2009 14:55
Here is a couple more songs just in case.

Let Me Walk With You Jesus

Verse: 1
I’ve been on the mountain with you Jesus,
and I’ve been in the valley so low,
but not one time has he failed me,
when to him with my troubles I go.

So let me walk with you Jesus,
don’t ever leave me alone,
for without your love I could never,
I could never make heaven my home.

Verse: 2
He found me when I was so lonely,
he found me when I was so blue,
he saved me when no one could help me,
when I didn’t know what else to do.

Verse: 3
If I had all the wealth of this old world,
if I had all that money could buy,
and had not the love of my Savior,
I’d rather be dead than alive.

Master’s Strong Hand

Verse: 1
I’m not a rich man, no diamonds to bring,
I’m not one for saying, I can do anything,
see I’m nothing, nothing but no one
I’m just one more grain of sand,
oh except I’ve been touched by my master’s strong hand.

Oh I feel the touch of the master’s strong hand,
and he’s leading me ore, through this weary some land,
see my foot steps would falter, to wide the gulf to span,
oh except I’ve been touched by my masters’ strong hand.

Verse: 2
If your search for every answer, but you can not comprehend,
those everyday burdens, seem to go on without end,
when in life’s room full of empty there you helplessly stand,
just wait for the touch of my master’s strong hand.
Posted:  06 Nov 2009 17:34
i think this is the song you want.

verse 1
  i come to the garden alone
while the dew is stillon the roses
and the voice i hear falling on my ear
the Son of gGod discloses

and he walks with me and he talks with me and he tells me i am his onw
and the joy we share as we tarry there
none other has ever none

verse 2
he speaks and the sound of his voice
is so sweet the birdshush their singing
and the melody that he gave to me
within my heart is singing

( chorus)

verse 3
i'd stay in the with him
through the night around me is falling
but he bids me go through his voice of woe
his voice to me is calling


we sang this at our church when one of our members died. it was a real tear jurker.i hope this is what you need. I hope this is a blessing.
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