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Posted:  02 Oct 2006 02:44   Last Edited By: cabbie
I remember a hymn from the 70s that I haven't seen or heard in years...Trying to track down for choir. Words I remember
"Hear me, I'm calling, oh, my brothers. Hear me, I'm calling, oh, my sisters."
"Where is the love ...
Where is the love that will make men free."

Does anyone know the words? I could probably pick out the melody, but would love to track down music as well. Thanks.
Posted:  02 Feb 2011 12:40
Any luck tracking this down? I know it was written by the Sisters of Mercy in California...
Posted:  27 Oct 2011 03:21
I've been searching for years too, heard it in the 70's in Ohio.
Posted:  12 Aug 2013 21:46
We sung this hymn in the chapel at Utapao Air Base in Thailand in the early 70s.  I've also been looking for a  copy of the words and music.
Posted:  12 Dec 2014 03:16
Here is another Stanza:

Where is the street we can walk down together?
Where can we meet, can we greet one another?
Posted:  15 Dec 2015 18:22

Where is the love that can make man free?
Where is the heart that is open to me?
Posted:  10 Jun 2016 17:06
Verse 3:

Here is our land, where our brothers were freed.
Here we can hope, we can plant our seed.
Posted:  01 Jul 2017 17:45
My mom, a former Glenmary nun, Sister Marian Kahny wrote it!  Published in 1964. She was a Glenmary nun from Cincinnati Ohio.  It was published in the missiles for many years and then sort of faded from publications.  I can provide the music if anyone is looking!  Warmed my heart to see these old posts, I called and told her about it.
Posted:  28 Aug 2017 00:02
I love that song! Please, how can I get a copy of this song? Ann@hacres.com
Posted:  14 Nov 2017 00:46
Dear Guest from July 2017; I too am from Cincinnati OH, grew up hearing this song, have been searching for years. How can we hear this beautiful tune?postakaufland
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