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Posted:  26 Oct 2009 08:40
Need words to Make Me a Promise by David Patillo
Posted:  08 Dec 2011 18:50
Need lyrics to Make Me A Promise by David Patillo

Thank You

Posted:  11 Dec 2011 07:09
I think this is what you're looking for:

When God calls my number and it's time to go,
I've made preparations and I want you to know;
I'll be in that number that meets in the air,
Make me a promise that you'll meet me there.

Make me a promise that we'll meet someday
Where mansions are waiting in that land far away;
I want you to tell me so I'll know it's true,
Make me a promise that you'll be there too

When loved ones have gathered with tears on each face,
I'd like to remind them I'm not in this place;
I'm already living up in gloryland,
May God be with you til' we meet again.

God bless!
Posted:  23 Jul 2013 05:09
This was played at my great grandmas' funreal. i had never heard the song un-tell the preacher introducted it to me. I'm only 12, and this song is such an insperation to me, it always makes me stop crying when i listin to it. I love this song VERY much!
Posted:  23 Jul 2013 05:13
i've lost a lot of people in my life lately, and this was played at my great grandmas' funreal and i love it, its a really great song, i could listin to it for hours. i recomend people to listin to this song that have lost loved ones recently! Amazing song.
Posted:  17 Nov 2017 05:55
Does anyone have chords for this song?
Posted:  17 Nov 2017 13:22
Hi Guest,
Try this link:
https://chordify.net/chords/make-me-a-promise ...
Let us know if Chordify is helpful
Lord Bless
Posted:  19 Jan 2018 03:19
Here is a youtube video of this awesome song

Make Me A Promise
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