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Posted:  25 Oct 2009 22:19
I can't seem to find the lyrics for the song that may be titled "My Soul was in the Marketplace". My husband used to have a copy of the sheet music and sang it as a solo but we've lost it! Thanks for any help!
Posted:  04 Dec 2017 03:04
My soul was in the marketplace
A slave was I to sin
And there was bidding all around
My soul they sought to win
The carnal offers came so fast
It was hard to realize
That this would seal my destiny
My soul, it was the prize.

"A life of pleasure!" shouted one,
With promises so vain
And so appealing was his bid
For sin could thus remain
I heard old Satan make his bid
of earthly wealth and fame
It seemed that none could offer more
That this, my soul would claim.

Just when it seemed my soul would go
still more enslaved to be,
I saw One standing in the midstl
Who came from Calvary
I heard Him say, "THIS SOUL IS MINE!
I paid redemption's price!
Not gold, not silver, 'tis My blood,
I made the sacrifice."

The bidding ceased. Long silence reigned.
I listened for some voice.
And then the light of truth broke in
'Twas mine to make the choice.
I fell down at the Savior's feet in penitence and tears,
His nail-pierced hands cast off my chains
His love dispelled my fears.

My soul was in the market place, but Jesus set me free!
Posted:  05 Feb 2018 03:42
Where can I get the sheet music for it?
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