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Posted:  15 Oct 2009 15:03
Thanks if anyone can Help
Posted:  16 Oct 2009 04:32
I don't know if this is the song your looking but I hope it helps. God Bless.

When I come to the end of the long, long road,
The shadows will flee away,
And I’ll stand in the glorious light of God,
Where dwelleth eternal day.

When I come to the end, the end of the road,
To the land of eternity,
When I come to the end of life’s long road,
The face of my Lord I’ll see.

Looking back o’er the years that were hard and drear,
The hand of the Christ I’ll see;
While my heart will go forth with a song of praise,
Because of His love for me.


When I come to the end of the long, long road,
And trials will all be past,
I shall look in the face of my dearest Friend,
Safe home in His Heav’n at last.

Posted:  16 Oct 2009 16:08
That is it. Thank you so much,there were words I couldn't understand
listening to the cd.
Thanks again and God bless you.
Posted:  29 Apr 2013 23:29
Who sings this. I heard it today and love it but they had added more songs that it led into. Promise land, I've journeyed to my final home Sweet Promised land.
Posted:  09 May 2015 21:33
Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver sings it.
Posted:  02 Dec 2017 02:00
What is this hymn called?
Posted:  20 Jan 2018 20:27
Thanks so much for posting. This song is amazing.
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