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Posted:  29 Sep 2009 05:44
looking for the lyrics to Swaggart song---His voice makes the difference
Posted:  09 Nov 2009 19:31
I hope this helps you, God Bless!

His Voice Makes The Difference

Verse: 1
When I need him I know where to find him,
in my place of prayer his spirit hovers near,
oh his voice gently gives me my direction,
and I’ll follow that voice that I hear.

His voice makes the difference,
when he speaks he relieves my troubled mind,
it’s the only voice I hear that makes the difference,
and I’ll follow one day at a time.

Verse: 2
Oh his voice is a strong and mighty tower,
tearing down every strong hold in my life,
he’s the master of the wind and the sea that rages,
when he speaks all my darkness turns to light.

Verse: 3
I have heard other voices speaking to me,
to deceive and to lead me astray,
oh but my shepherd’s voice is different than all others,
I’m his sheep and I know my shepherd’s way.
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