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Posted:  25 Sep 2009 19:44
I dont know if this is a hymn, chorus, or spiritual song.  It goes something like:  I found a treasure when I found jesus/ He gives me pleasure that the world cannot give/ although Im a beggar, Im rich beyond measure/ I found a treasure when I found the lord.   A while back it took me days to find this on the web.  Now I have lost it.  Help!
Posted:  26 Sep 2009 03:49

Listen to the Tune
1. I have no riches, no gold or silver,
But I found something at an altar of prayer.
It gives me peace and sweet consolation,
And He has promised me Heaven's glory I'll share.

I found a treasure when I found Jesus,
He gives me pleasures that the world cannot give.
Although I'm a beggar, I'm rich beyond measure.
I found a treasure when I found the Lord.

2. Soon I'll cross over the Jordan River
And precious jewels I surely will find.
I'll have a mansion, my home forever,
And walls of jasper one day will be mine.

Posted:  20 Oct 2012 00:31
If anyone has the sheet music for this song could you link it?
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