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Posted:  18 Sep 2009 18:01
i need the verses please the chorus goes--there is no other name like the name of Jesus, no other name to praise and proclaim, no other name to cling to no other name to raise, Jesus, oh what a name---the first verse starts--a man possessed by devils--thanks for all your help--i love this site
Posted:  22 Mar 2011 18:38
Did you ever find the verse lyrics to this song? I need them and can't find them anywhere! Thanks
Posted:  27 Mar 2011 06:28
There is no other name like the name of Jesus
No other name to praise and proclaim
No other name to cling to
No other name to cherish
Jesus, no other name

a man possessed by devils, his body vexed with pain
the people greatly feared for he could not be bound by chains
oh but at the name of Jesus all the devils fled away
the people were amazed to hear the mad man say

No other name is given where by men might be saved
no other man could ever give the love that Jesus gave
king of kings and Lord of Lords, lamb who was slain
Jesus Jesus what a lovely name
Posted:  21 Apr 2011 23:05
Does Anyone have the name of the Artist?Is it on youtube?
Posted:  24 Jul 2011 16:58
Words and Music were by Darwin Moody.
Posted:  02 Feb 2012 14:19
My Aunt and Uncle and Cousins recorded this song back in the mid 80's. They were "The Abercrombies" and it went to number #16 Nationwide on the Christian charts. My Cousin Bebe Sanders sang lead, her Sister Diane Pitts also sang lead in the group (but back-up on this song), and Their Dad Paul Abercrombie sang bass, and Mom Katherine sang alto. Darwin Moody was their manager. I always loved this song, and still to this day will catch myself singing it.
Posted:  09 Jun 2012 21:33
Where can I get a copy of The Abercrombies singing this song?
Posted:  23 Feb 2013 18:07
I know the Abercrombies had a the sound track of this song.  I saw it at the Christian book store in Laurel.   Does anybody know where I can get a copy of the sound track?  The Abercrombies live across the road from my husband's mom.  Paul died a few years back, but Katherine is still alive and going to church every time the doors are open.   She is the sweetest lady you will ever meet.   Bebe was my sister-in-law's best friend before my sister-lin-law was killed in a car accident.    They sang The Holy Hills of Heaven Call Me at Gail's funeral.
Posted:  09 Nov 2013 21:46
You can find No Other Name on my YouTube Channel--julybebe55.  Thanks for all the sweet comments.  This was and still is a great song! We (The Abercrombies) were blessed to sing it and have Darwin Moody as our pianist.
Posted:  10 Nov 2013 22:13
Sorry, but I have had some technical trouble getting No Other Name loaded to my YouTube channel.  I am still working on it.
Posted:  10 Apr 2017 02:24
Here is a Youtube link of the Abercrombies
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