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Posted:  14 Sep 2009 01:02
Sometimes it's hard to walk in his footsteps...H e loves me as small as I am  are just a few of the lyrics of this song.  Would like to know what the name of this song is and where I can purchase a sound track or sheet music for this.
Posted:  14 Sep 2009 16:23
One version:

Lord in heaven above why 'd you pick me to love
Why You love me I don't understand.
There are others more worthy to have Jesus than me,
Yet You love me as small as I am.

Sometimes its hard to walk in His footsteps
But when I stumble He understands,
He picks me up, wipes off my sin
Puts me on my feet again,
Yes He loves me as small as I am.

Well, I'm nobody special I'm no ruler or king
This old world doesn't know who I am,
But I have Jesus living inside me
He fights my battles and He guides me,
Yes He loves me as small as I am
Posted:  20 Jan 2013 23:06
would like to know where to find a sound track, but really need the sheet music.
Posted:  09 Jul 2016 17:50
Did you ever find sheet music for As small as I am?  I need it as well and can't find it.
Posted:  21 Aug 2016 20:39
I found this link for this song I hope it helps! 😁
http://www.traditionalmusic.co.uk/country-gos ...
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