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Posted:  10 Sep 2009 22:02
Does anyone know "Joy's gonna come in the morning performed by The Samaritans, where they're located and how getting in contact with them?
It's impossible to find the group on the net, but I've heard the music on youtube, and it blew me away.
Regards from Denmark.
Posted:  11 Sep 2009 14:27
Hello Raae.
Here's the lyrics you're looking for. If I find anything on The Samaritans I'll post it later.
Regards from Indiana.

Joy's gonna come in the morning

I struggled with ol' satans myth my life would never change
and with a broken heart as things grew dark I called on Jesus name
I must confess my soul's at rest satan better heed this warning
God said it's done the victory's won
Joy's gonna come in the morning

Hallelujah I hear the voice of the Lord that joy's gonna come in the morning
the sun's gonna shine it's just about time joy's gonna come in the morning
the devil has lost this battle
he can't hold back the dawning
weeping may endure for the night, but joy's gonna come in the morning

You've fought the fight to stand the night
the darkness seemed so long
You've held on to the power you knew and it has made you strong
no stopping now by faith somehow you'll see the light adorning
that eastern sky by and by Joy's gonna come in the morning
Posted:  11 Sep 2009 14:37
Hello Again,
Is this the group you're looking for?

Posted:  13 Sep 2009 23:54
Hi Keith,

Thank you very much for the lyrics. :-)
I don't think that's the right group, I don't think it's the same sound.
It may be an old group fra the '70-'80 from Georgia. Bass singer could be Jimmy Hatcher, but I can't find some sampels to listen to, so I can't compare.

You can listen to the music on youtube; "Hallelujah line dance by Adry & Frenesi" Choose the one playing 4.15 min. Great music and great dancing.

Well, I'll keep searching.
Have a great day.
Posted:  30 Jul 2013 22:51
Hi Raae. I'm an italian country dancer (beginner). I love the song Joy's gonna come in the morning by The Samaritans. Did you find some information about the Group? And what about the year of publication of the song? Thanks.
Fulvio from Italy.
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