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Posted:  24 Aug 2009 06:30
I need the lyrics to "His Voice Makes the Difference."  It may have been recorded by Jimmy Swaggart.  Thanks for your help!
Posted:  09 Nov 2009 20:00
I hope this helps, God Bless!

His Voice Makes The Difference

Verse: 1
When I need him I know where to find him,
in my place of prayer his spirit hovers near,
oh his voice gently gives me my direction,
and I’ll follow that voice that I hear.

His voice makes the difference,
when he speaks he relieves my troubled mind,
it’s the only voice I hear that makes the difference,
and I’ll follow one day at a time.

Verse: 2
Oh his voice is a strong and mighty tower,
tearing down every strong hold in my life,
he’s the master of the wind and the sea that rages,
when he speaks all my darkness turns to light.

Verse: 3
I have heard other voices speaking to me,
to deceive and to lead me astray,
oh but my shepherd’s voice is different than all others,
I’m his sheep and I know my shepherd’s way.
Posted:  09 Mar 2010 10:59

This may help as well. His voic truly makes the difference
Posted:  07 Jul 2010 19:37
Thank you for lyrics as well as youtube link.
God bless u all.

I need to listen to this song everytime. I need mp3 version of it.
Posted:  25 Jul 2010 15:04
thank you
Posted:  11 Mar 2011 22:45
Thanks for the lyrics.
Posted:  04 Jun 2011 05:38
does any one know the story to this song and is it a woman who wrote it?
Posted:  02 Oct 2011 22:09
yes a woman pastor wrote this song
Posted:  17 Apr 2012 09:19
I wanna download this song mp3 I don't know how
Posted:  26 Jun 2013 14:38
This is good
Posted:  12 Jul 2013 10:30
Each i listen to this song: his voice makes the difference,i feel the presence God around me...the song keeps me going in the way of the lord..thanks a bunch 4 such a soul winning kind of song..
Posted:  13 Oct 2013 15:42
this song ministers to me ,i can feel the presence of the holy spirit in it and i am going to sing it in our church,
Posted:  19 Nov 2013 21:08
To all that are interested in this song, "His Voice makes the difference":

It was written by my aunt, a woman pastor in West Frankfort IL, named Toedy Holley Gray. She has written hundreds of songs of like quality, many of them sang by great gospel singers of our time..
Married for many years to my uncle, Clinton Holley, who was also a pastor, after his passing, she later married a former Congressman, Kenny Gray, the Senator from Illinois.

I know this song was pitched to Jimmy Swaggart, and I believe he recorded it at some point.

She also wrote songs like, "Everything will be just right in heaven", "Just cry Jesus", "I hope we walk the last mile together", "Jesus is in this place", "Just enough grace to stand", "It's a new day" and many, many other great songs.

What a talented lady with talented daughters, Marble (now deceased) and Candy.

She will probably never get the awesome recognition that she so richly deserves in this life but on the other side I believe she will be celebrated for the many lives she touched with her music.

Rusty Dyson    rustydyson@me.com
Posted:  07 Dec 2014 18:51
Thanks for the lyrics Man of God I never thought I'd know them. It's a great joy. Praise the Lord and thank You Jesus.
Posted:  14 Jan 2015 23:00
Here is another youtube video of this beautiful song

His Voice Makes The Difference - Larry Holbrook
Posted:  23 Jan 2015 21:28
Hi Rusty,

Today I got my flight plan and God has instructed me to use this song as my Theme Song.  I am happy to hear the history of the true source, your Aunt and what I am more appreciative of is the quality of the reproduction in the spirit of Jimmy Swaggart.

I can't find another version that can top his reproduction so I give God the glory that he used your Aunt and Jimmy to minister to so many of us that KNOW the difference HIS voice makes and how this song bends our spirit into submission to His Own.

Since childhood, I have had a very deep love for the lyrics of the sacred songs I grew up on and because of surrendered my life as a nine year old.  Time and musical rearrangements cannot and has not been able to fade nor change the power of the rhythms either.  I am now inspired to find the lyrics of your Aunt's other songs so I can be filled with the knowledge of her relationship with God.

God bless you and her memory.
(already emailed to you)
Posted:  15 Mar 2015 23:31
I bless God for the song writer and all who has made the song available for the use of believers when the journey seems cloudy.

Oke Oluwatoyin
Posted:  18 Aug 2015 14:25
There's a gospel by a female artist with lyrics nearly like this or

"God's word makes the difference... baby I know that you could tell it apart" or so.

Any correct full lyrics or Youtube link(s)?
Posted:  18 Nov 2015 05:14
Does anyone have chords to this song  need help fairly ne at playing and love these old song s if anyone can help me I would appreciate it  God bless you and thanks reach me at DONNYCMD@AOL.COM.
Posted:  02 Dec 2015 18:43
I am looking for the sheet music for this song. I would like to get it for my church. Does anyone know where that might be found? Thanks.

Randall Spearman

Posted:  01 May 2017 10:58
helpfully helpful
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