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Posted:  23 Aug 2009 19:28
looking for lyrics for Rivers of Joy
Posted:  25 Aug 2009 03:38
Rivers of Joy

When the Holy Spirit start to move in my soul,
It starts a fire burning that I just cannot control.
It starts my soul to shouting.  it puts gladness down in my heart
And it makes my eyes start crying tears I just don't understand.

Rivers of joy, flooding my soul, Rivers of joy I cannot control.
Rivers of joy makes me so happy; I can't explain these rivers of joy.

In the midst of tribulation in some way I start to smile.
Then my load is always lifted even though I don't know how.
There are times when I'm so joyful and I don't know the reason why;
Then I feel the Holy Spirit moving more and more inside.
Posted:  17 Apr 2011 16:28
im trying to look for this song on youtube but couldnt find it, "rivers of joy, flooding my soul, rivers of joy i can't control, rivers of joy, make me so happy.................."

does anyone know who sings it etc etc
Posted:  27 Jun 2011 21:17
Rivers of Joy was recorded by the Cathedrals and I believe it was written by Kirk Talley.
Posted:  24 Oct 2011 20:38
Not written by Kirk Talley.  In the intro that George Younce gives to the song (it was a live album), he credits an unnamed black gospel choir they heard sing it.
Posted:  27 Jan 2012 19:34
I used to be the lead singer of this song, in my church choir (Pleasant Grove Young Adult Choir), under the direction of V. Michael McKay, at Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church back in the 1980's in Houston, Texas
Posted:  02 Jan 2015 04:12
Hello my friend ,the song is by Bill/ Gloria Gaither .Rivers of joy. It is an old album which is now on dvd or cd and I still use it today for my out reach ministry.
Posted:  31 Jan 2015 04:06
Absolutely the Cathedral Quartet sang this one, but it was before Kirk Talley left. I think it was on their "Live in Atlanta" album released sometime around 1983. We just about wore out that cassette tape!
Posted:  31 Jan 2015 04:20
enjoyed listening to this for the first time
Posted:  30 May 2016 20:08
http://listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=v0H1MO-t3Y ...
Posted:  26 Dec 2016 21:28
beautiful song by the Gaithers. Nothing like the anointing on old hymns like this.
Posted:  09 Feb 2018 15:49
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