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Posted:  20 Sep 2006 22:41
The first one is"Job's God is true" some of the word are
I can feel the hand of satan
as the tempter press me sore
He has been before The Father
asking leave to tempt me more
Tho God slay me yet I'll trust Him
I will then come forth as gold
for I know that He still liveth
For I feel Him in my soul

The second song I think is called Brother paul
the only words I can remember are
Go to damascas a way that's called strait
You'll meet annias and there you must wait
please help me find the words. These are song my Mom sang and are very old
Posted:  22 Sep 2006 18:26

The Lord said, "Stand up, Paul, and dry up your tears
You must preach My Gospel for many long years.
Go down to Damascus, the street that's called Strait
And meet Ananais, and there you must wait.

I counted on Adam, I counted on Cain,
I counted on Jonah, but he was the same.
I counted on Judas, but he proved untrue
So go tell the world Paul, I'm counting on you."

Three days have gone by, Lord, and still I can't see
And here comes my brother acalling for me.
He says "Brother Paul, the Lord in the sky
Has sent me to heal you, and to open your eyes."

"I'll send you to the Gentiles, I'll send you to Rome,
And Paul you will suffer 'till I call you home.
You will sleep in the desert, and be shipwrecked at sea,
But go right on preaching the Gospel for Me.
Posted:  13 Oct 2006 19:30
One last verse to "Paul's Ministry".

"Many years have gone by, Lord, and still I've been true.
But I must leave this great field with you.
I've finished my course, Lord, I've taught in Your name;
I'm sure there are others who will do the same."
Posted:  13 Oct 2006 19:33
I found "Job's God is True" at the following website.
http://www.angelfire.com/tn/robertmetzgar/arr ...

Verse One:

      I can feel.....the hand of Satan.......
      As the temper....press me sore.....
      He has been before the Father.......
      Asking leave....to tempt me more....

       The Chorus:

      Though God slay me....yet I'll trust Him....
      I shall then.....come forth as gold.....
      And I know...that He still liveth.....
      For I feel....Him in my soul.......

      Verse Two:

      I can hear the Father grant it........
      Saying do not touch his life.....
      Though you crush him He'll not falter....
      He will rise....above the strife....

      Verse Three:

      Though I struggle....I'll not stagger....
      By His grace....I'll make it through....
      For His grace....is all sufficient....
      And I know....that God is true....

      Verse Four:

      When I have looked....all around me......
      And His face....I cannot see....
      Then I know that through the lattice........
      He beholdeth even me......

       The Chorus:

      Though God slay me....yet I'll trust Him....
      I shall then.....come forth as gold.....
      And I know...that He still liveth.....
      For I feel....Him in my soul.......


      For I know...that He still liveth.....
      And I feel Him in my soul......
Posted:  08 Jan 2010 01:55
thank you Jeanette i have been searching through song books for this song Job's God Is True for awhile now.
Posted:  23 Oct 2011 05:08
I'ts though God slays me yet I know that He loves me for I fill Him in my Soel
Posted:  26 Jun 2013 00:08
We always sang it (I know He liveth for I feel him in
My soul.)
Posted:  06 Sep 2016 23:38
JOB’S GOD IS TRUE    (1945)
Words:   S N Greene     Music:  Margaret Muse Oden   
             Arr by Janie Metzgar
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