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Posted:  16 Aug 2009 14:47
I need to know name of a song that has the line

Walk with me, Talk with me, Lest mine eyes no longer see, all the beauty.......
this has been running thru my head and I can't find it anywhere   I want to sing it for church.  Please  any help will be appreciated.

Posted:  05 Feb 2011 15:14
"Follow Me" is the name of this beutiful song
Posted:  05 Feb 2011 16:22
The name of the song is "walk with me" by Bill and gloria gaither
Posted:  09 Apr 2011 04:33
It is by Al Langdon and Paul J Zondervan--Walk with me
Posted:  21 Apr 2011 21:50
the name of this song is WALK WITH ME  and is sung by WALT MILLS and  HOMELAND HARMONY . it is found on you tube. do you need the words?
Posted:  03 Nov 2011 13:02
pls i need the word
Posted:  03 Nov 2011 15:10
i do need the lyrics urgently if anyone has it please
Posted:  08 May 2012 06:04
Any one who has the lyrics of the song "Walk with me, walk with me by Al Langdon, please, i would appreciate if you can furnish me i really need it. Thank you so much, paul
Posted:  01 Sep 2012 04:30
D                      A7
Walk with me, walk with me
                E                         G
Lest my eyes no longer see
             D                   A7 
All the glory All the story
               D  A7
Of Your love

             D                 A7
Talk to me, Talk to me
               E                         G
Like You spoke so tenderly
                    D                                     A7 
When You talked there When You walked there
             D G D
by the sea

               G                 D
Let me follow in the footsteps
                       G                   D         
That trod the shore of Galilee
               G                                    D
Let me learn to pray like You did
A         Bm           E7              A  A7
In the garden of Gethsemane

                 D                        A7
Take my hand, take my hand
                  E                          G
Teach me Lord to understand
             D                       A7 
All my duty, All the beauty
              D G D
of Your Love
Posted:  06 Oct 2012 21:16
Thank you so much for the chords!  Did you transcribe them or find them somewhere?  I've been looking for a long time!
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