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Posted:  19 Sep 2006 17:14
I'm looking for a song our church used to sing about 25 years ago...it was about Elisha. It had the words "let thy mantle fall on me, a double portion of thy spirit Lord, let thy mantle fall on me"
Posted:  28 Apr 2012 05:50
Where can I get the actual recording on-line? Send to Lsmithtwin@comcast.net
Posted:  13 May 2013 04:14
Words and music are by Floyd Hawkins.

Posted:  13 May 2013 14:27
Here's the Lyrics:


1) Elijah was God's prophet;
Elisha stood close by,
And ere the prophet left him,
He heard his servant cry:

Let thy mantle fall on me!
Let thy mantle fall on me! (on me!)
A double portion of Thy spirit,
Lord, Let thy mantle fall on me!

2) Then Elijah made the promise
That, if faithful he would be,
His petition would be granted,
And God's glory he would see

3) As Elijah rose to heaven
In a chariot of fire,
He did not forget his servant,
Who expressed one strong desire.

4) In the Upper Room they waited --
"Twas the faithful Christian band -
And their pray'r was heard and answered
Over in the gloryland.

5) That pray'r of early Christians
Long ago and far away
Is the cry of all God's children;
And He's just the same today.
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