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Posted:  11 Aug 2009 21:23
The flame has flickered but it hasn't gone out.

i can't remember the rest of the words but i know it is awesome, i know it is a old song. I can remember hearing my gg-ma sing it.  I heard it recently at a local gospel singing. Didn't get a chance to talk to the group who sung it. would like to get the words if nothing else.

thank you in advance.
Posted:  12 Aug 2009 23:35
I found these words doing a search.  The chorus sounds right but I never did know the verses so I hope they are right.  God bless.

by: Morris Stancil

I shall not forget the day when I heard my Savior say,
"Come unto Me, my child, I'll make you whole."
Then I let my Savior in; He forgave me of my sins,
Started a fire burning so bright 'way down in my soul.

It's never gone out, it's never gone out,
Tho' Satan has tried many times to make me doubt;
But when I feel that warmth inside, I know my soul is satisfied,
The flame has flickered, but the fire has never gone out.

Since Jesus kindled the flame, things have changed, no, I'm not the same,
He lit the fire with His great, eternal love;
Down in my soul now there's peace, joy that will never, never cease,
Thank God for holy fire from heaven above.

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