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Posted:  18 Sep 2006 15:01
I need the lyrics to this song as soon as possible.
                              Thank you,

                               Bonnie Pointer
Posted:  02 Oct 2006 00:24
No Longer An Orphan

Once my clothes wer ragged, the world looked down on me
I had no hope for tomorrow, nor for eternity.
Then grace came with mercy and heard this orphans' plea
Now I've been adopted from bondage I've been set free.

Now I'm no longer an orphan, Someone has rescued me
My garments no longer are tattered, my family is royalty.

I came so empty handed, no place to call my home
No one to really love me, but now look what I own.
I'm feasting on the manna that comes from God on high
And there i no shortage, there is a vast supply.

Don't you just love the Primtive?
Posted:  22 Feb 2007 02:44
yes, the primitives are great.  My family sings some of their songs.
Posted:  02 May 2007 19:54
I'm trying to find the written music to No Longer an Orphan.                                      thanks, Kim Wakefield
Posted:  05 Oct 2007 01:23
i dont have the sheet music but i play this song for a group at my church, I can send you the chords they use if you like.
Posted:  10 May 2008 21:02
I would like to have the chords to this please.My husband and I would like to sing this in church
Posted:  08 Aug 2008 16:12
the chords i play it in on guitar g and d
Posted:  26 Aug 2008 01:31
This is a wonderful song.  It tells of a change and the fruits that follow repentance.  Ain't it wonderful to be born again!  It is good to hear a song with the doctrine of repentance.  It takes God's marvelous grace and abundant mercy to set one free when they call upon Him, but one must mean business with God for him to do business with them.  You must be humble hearted and willing to turn from your wicked and vile ways, willing to repent and give your life to him, and serve him.  We're living in a time when repentance is being left out but the bible says if you don't repent "ye shall all likewise perish."  Many new modern So-called bibles remove the doctrine of repentance, they remove the blood, and the bible says, 'without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin."  That's why it pays to keep the old tried and true infallable word of God, the King James Bible.  Newer versions even try to say that David did not defeat Goliath but that his cousin did.  Satan is subtily slipping in errors and lies a little at a time until one day he will have successfully taken the power from the church.  It's time to wake up and come out of our lukewarm self-satisfied state and smell the roses.  The end is nearing and God's people are allowing Satan in their Churches.  We've got an entire lost and dying world to reach, we must use God's Word with it's power to reach them before they perish into everlasting judgement and punishment in hell which after the white throne judgment will be cast into the lake of fire.  We must be about our father's business before it is too late.
Posted:  06 Sep 2010 04:20
This is so good.  Thanks for posting.
I too wanted to lyrics and chords.

Posted:  02 Nov 2010 23:32
If someone could share the chords it'd be wonderful - However I need to get them - just let me know : )
Posted:  30 Dec 2012 04:15
I am also looking for the chords to No Longer An Orphan. This is my daddy's favorite song because it tells his story.
Posted:  27 Apr 2014 04:07
No longer An ophan is in A
Posted:  02 Jul 2015 22:22
Currently looking for the chords to No Longer An Orphan!!
Posted:  01 Dec 2015 12:58
If someone knows the chord changes throughout the songs it would wonderful if you can post the lyrics with the chord changes l think several on here would truly appreciate it. This song is such a Blessing!
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