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Posted:  04 Aug 2009 15:42
I would like to have the lyrics to this song Thank-You
Posted:  04 Aug 2009 15:44
I would like to have the lyrics to this song>>> I Hold a Clear Title to a Mansion
Posted:  04 Aug 2009 16:20
I’ve heard people talk about heaven
and talkl of its beauty so rare.
So one day I purchased a title to a
mansion in that land so fair.
It was given to me without money
it cost my dear Saviour his life.
He died on the cross without murmur
For me he paid the great price.

I hold a clear title to a mansion
that Jesus has gone to prepare.
Fire cannot touch it, floods cannot harm it,
and it never will need a repair.
The termites can’t mar it's foundation
for on the rock of ages it stands.
I feel that it's almost completed and
ready for me to move in.

The deed was both signed and recorded
the day Jesus saved me form sin.
My name was engraved in gold letters
in the Lamb’s book of life, safe within.
I’m an heir to a mansion in glory
when from this life here I shall roam.
I’m waiting for Jesus to call me
then I’ll lay down my cross and go home.
Posted:  03 Jun 2016 17:34
my name is Brenda and i live in Houston, i am 60 years old and i want to tell the whole world that this song belonged to me and was given to me by the original author. Ii don't feel that anyone else should have any wrights to this song.  At the age of 3 an evangelist by the name of Clearance Cooper from Mississippi sang this song to me and told me who wrote it and where it came from.  i did an old fashioned copy write on this and i do resent anyone who felt like they could take it,  some family groups and other song writers which i will not name had no right to it.  There is nothing else i can do but to proclaim the truth.
Posted:  24 Oct 2016 02:32
Actually Brenda. I am the grandson to the actual person who wrote the song back in the the 50's. I have all records he kept and the music he kept all these years. And i also have the original music on his reel to reel player. My grandfather did not renew the rights to the song thus became public domain. He was later presented with a Gold record in 1997. Three years after the actual song went gold.
Posted:  13 Oct 2017 10:08
Hello, my name is Nancy, and I am from Houston as well. I also know of this song and heard the person that said he wrote it, sing I Hold a Clear Title to a Mansion, while playing his guitar many many times, throughout the 60's. Everyone loved and knew this was a very special and anointed song, and the Holy Spirit came down each time he sang it! If you are the grandson, can you say his name? I would love to know credit was given to this Godly man that was well deserved, and was loved by many many people. I am so glad when heaven spoke he listened and shared this anointed song with the world!
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