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Posted:  31 Jul 2009 15:42
Looking for lyrics to a song, some of the words are He's more than enough to wash the sin out of me. He's more than enough to guide you and me.
Posted:  31 Jul 2009 17:40
More Than Enough

Blind Barnamais stood by the wayside begging
he cried out to Jesus for he knew the chance he was taking
the crowd said be quiet don't bother him now
but the more they pressed him, the louder he'd shout
thou son of David have mercy on me, and today I believe he can see

he is more than enough to make the blind man to see
more than enough, to guide you and me
He is more than enough to turn the water into wine
he's more than enough he feeds a family like mine
he's more than enough to heal all decease
more than enough to wash the sin out of me
if he can raise up the dead and give new life
then Jesus is more than enough

He said to the Lord, my daughter is dying at home
then another man said, she's dead, leave the master alone
when he heard what was said his heart was greived
he said be not afraid but only believe
then he spoke to that child, I say unto thee
arise and she came alive
Posted:  25 Mar 2010 16:23
Chords anyone? Love this song! I grew up hearing it, and have always wanted to play it..
Posted:  29 Apr 2010 20:30
i can get you the chords.  email me... playfender@yahoo.com
Posted:  07 Nov 2010 17:16
I would like to know where I can find the soundtrack to this song.
Posted:  09 Nov 2010 05:33
Could I get the chords also?
Posted:  13 Nov 2010 17:11
can we get a music no vocals for a performance
Posted:  09 May 2011 00:11
I Need the copyright to this song
Posted:  01 Aug 2011 07:49
who composed this song?
Posted:  27 Apr 2012 19:25
Found this on youtube, but couldn't find the lyrics. Thanks so much! This song is such a blessing. The youtube link is here for anyone who wants to hear the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZbv5MBlkMg
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