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Posted:  22 Jul 2009 18:28
this song is soooo... pretty and I like the meaning. does anyone know the lyrics?
Posted:  23 Jul 2009 06:23   Last Edited By: megtaystar
i'm tired of just the same old thing tradition were in your name im tired of a man made worship hour im tired im tired of a song with no praise where worshipin' you is out of place im tired of religious formality im tired

Chorus: send the rain send the fire send the wind send the holy ghost in power send therain send the fire send the wind send the holy ghost in power send the rain

we're ready for revival lord we're ready to walk through that door we're ready lord oh let it pour we're ready lord we're ready lord enough is enough  we're ready to drink from your cup we're ready lord oh fill us up we're ready lord


and yes it is pretty!!!!!!!! i heard the rochesters sing it at a youth conference and loved it the spirit really moves through this song
Posted:  23 Jul 2009 14:41
thank u  sooo... much
Posted:  23 Sep 2009 15:53
i love this song im so glad i could find it but does it sound better with the piano playing the music or a more bluegrass instrument?
Posted:  18 Mar 2010 15:14
sounds better with piano (: my church sings it all the time (: its the prettiest song like ever !
Posted:  26 Mar 2010 03:29
If anyone has the sheet music for this song, please let me know. sweettartmom@yahoo.com and/or 231-622-2408


Posted:  09 Apr 2010 03:52
Thank You soooooo Much and God bless!!!
Posted:  16 May 2010 22:00
Anyone know where you can find the soundtrack to the song. email me at dgordon2@yahoo.com
Posted:  14 Aug 2010 21:55
thank you
Posted:  09 Sep 2010 17:01

soundtracks are not available online, but you may be able to contact them through the website.  I know they have them b/c they were at our church a few weeks ago selling them.
Posted:  17 Jan 2011 20:31
this song was sung at my church the other and it just touched my heart i really like it
Posted:  27 Jan 2011 19:39
im in the ladies quartet at my church community baptist temple. and were singing this song for a teen talent competition in a few weeks, im so excited! i love this song! its one of my favorites!
Posted:  27 Jan 2011 23:12
You can find the chords to this song, sung by Riverdale Assembly of God choir (and they do a great job) at the following site


click on chords, then 2005 conference and the song is on that list, click the title and you have the chords.

hope this helps. Niki
Posted:  15 Mar 2011 02:41
I love this song it is soo pretty!!!!
Posted:  04 Aug 2011 00:39
Heard this song and loved it! Grewing up in a baptist has brought me to the right kind of music that i will always know is pleasing to God!
Posted:  09 Sep 2011 17:34
I am in a small christian singing group, which is made up of 5 teenagers!!! We recently learned this song and it is a blessing to everyone of us!
Posted:  20 Nov 2011 05:26
I love this my friend and I got to sing at church
Posted:  26 Apr 2012 00:58
It's tradition led in your name not tradition where in your name
Posted:  16 Mar 2013 00:44
i need guitar chords please
Posted:  19 Mar 2013 00:01
Posted:  04 May 2013 05:36
I really like this song
Posted:  16 Jun 2014 19:33
I need sheet music or instrumental version of this song. I have tried christian bookstores and contacting them (rochesters) via Facebook and several other avenues.  Please email me at amackay627@gmail.com thanks.
Posted:  26 Jul 2014 17:48
I actually sing with the writer of this particular song, Aaron Butler. He joined our trio (Noah's Faith) back in January of this year. Great song and if anybody still needs help with any of it in any form or fashion please contact us at www.noahsfaithmusic.com
Posted:  12 Nov 2014 20:46
does anyone know where I can find piano sheet music for this?
Posted:  03 Nov 2015 01:20
This song is so pretty. Just listen to the words. I'm tried of a song without no praise. My people who sing sing to the church. No to God. How about we sing to God and give him the glory because he gave us the concerto sing with.
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