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Posted:  18 Jul 2009 15:15
it goes gone the stone's been rolled back, gone the tomb empty, gone to sit at the father's side
Posted:  18 Jul 2009 17:17
Mary came unto the tomb of Jesus
the stone was moved the lord had gone away
the angel said fear not I know who seek thee
for he has risen this I heard her say.

gone the stone is rolled back
gone the tomb is empty
gone to sit at the father side
gone over deaths triumphant
gone sin is defeated
gone he lives forever more

my friend if you don't know this blessed savior
i beg of you don't wait til it's too late
don't wait until it's all completed
don't wait until it's too late to pray
Posted:  19 Jul 2009 20:40
He’s Gone  (E Flat)

1. Mary came unto the tomb of Jesus,
the stone was moved, the Lord had gone away,
the angels said "Fear not, I know whom seek ye",
"But He is risen," This she heard him say.


Gone, the stone is rolled back, Gone, the tomb is empty,
Gone, to sit at the Father's side;
Gone, over death triumphant, Gone, sin is defeated,
Gone, He lives forevermore.

2.  My friend, If you don't know my risen Savior,
I beg of you, don't wait to late to pray,
Don't wait until  his bride has been completed
don't wait until you hear him say, "It's too late"

repeat chorus:

tag:  Gone, Over death’s triumphant, Gone, sin is defeated,
        Gone, He lives forever more.
Posted:  23 Dec 2011 04:52
Bwautiful song.  My dad used to sing this song years ago.  It tears me up to listen to his tapes of him singin this song
Posted:  02 Apr 2012 02:14
Posted:  05 Apr 2012 23:54
This song has been on my mind all week. I feel as tho it would be the perfect song for this Easter Sunday. Thank you for posting the lyrics.
Posted:  04 May 2012 19:02
love it is there a cd of it
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