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Posted:  05 Jul 2009 19:40
Thanks,  God Bless
Posted:  06 Jul 2009 04:31
I've had alot of troubles and trials in my little life span
when I stand alone and the battle get hot I always do the best I can
i've crossed alot high mountains crossed alot of red sea
when i come to the river of jordan hallujah then I'll have no fear then I'll have no fear

cause i've got one more river to cross
one more mountain to climb
one more valley that I got a go through
i'm leaving my troubles behind
one more battle with the devil and I know he'll understand
i'm going through with Jesus hallujah holding to his nail scarred hand holding to his nail scarred hand

i've had alot of people talk about me since I've walk this narrow way
it's just another little valley i'll come through it when i pray.

that will be the last for me that will be the last for me
Posted:  06 Jul 2009 22:14
One More River To Cross   

Verse: 1
I’ve had a lot troubles and trials in my little life span,
when I’m standing alone and the battle gets hot always doing the best I can,
I crossed a lot of high mountains shed a million tears,
but when I come to the river Jordan hallelujah,
then I’ll have no fears, then I’ll have no fears. 

One more river to cross, one more mountain to climb,
one more valley that I got to go through leaving my troubles behind,
one more battle with the devil and I know he’ll understand,
I’m going through with Jesus hallelujah,
holding to his nail scarred hand, holding to his nail scarred hand.

I’ve had a lot of people talk about me since I’ve walked this narrow way,
it’s just another little valley, I’ll come through it when I pray,
I’ve climbed a lot of high mountains, crossed a lot of little streams,
but when I see old Jordan cold and dark it’ll be the last for me,
it’ll be the last for me.
Posted:  12 Sep 2010 02:40
Posted:  21 Jan 2011 05:25
I too have been looking for a long time for this and my son found it.. Thank you for keeping it posed.
Posted:  12 Feb 2011 14:38
thanks i"v been looking for this along time
Posted:  09 Jun 2011 18:54
This song came to me late last night or early this morning. I praise the Lord that someone had it already prepared and easy to find. I like the line "i've crossed alot high mountains crossed alot of red sea". Thank you!
Posted:  02 Jul 2011 08:47
I heard while I was sleeping "got a lot of rivers to cross and many mountains to climb.  I thought it was a song,but I was sure.  Thanks.
Posted:  06 Jul 2011 22:46
Check this version out i think this kid does a great job with it...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r13lsRNsABM&am ...
Posted:  16 Oct 2011 17:34
Love this song and yes that is a great version of the singing on You Tube.

Thanks for sharing this
Posted:  09 Jun 2012 19:28
Thanks I have been looking for this as well.
Posted:  24 Jun 2012 17:53
This song is titled: One More River to Cross. The songwriter is Bud Chambers who has well 7500 songs under his belt.  I had the blessing of working with him. His son has a wonderful church in Nashville. Danny Chamber at Oasis Church.
Posted:  25 Dec 2012 16:39
I just heard this song, and loved it so I looked it up to know the lyrics. Thanks for posting it. Merry Christmas.
Posted:  09 Feb 2013 22:27
this song has always stirred my spirit sense i heard it the first!
Posted:  12 Mar 2013 19:26
Been singing all week. Thanks for the lyrics.
Posted:  21 Mar 2013 20:37
thanks  alot,knew how the chorus went,but never could remember the verses;appreciate your help! God Bless you all!w4
Posted:  26 Mar 2014 15:23
I love this song! I have searching for the lyrics for a while now.
Posted:  23 Apr 2014 17:22
Thank you so much.  My husband has been singing the chorus to this song for weeks, finally he has the verses!!!  Now, I just gotta get my guitar out and work on this one!!  Thanks again!!!!
Posted:  03 Sep 2014 10:15
Heard this on JSM, but didn't get all the words; woke up singing "one more battle with the devil, one more mountain to climb"....thank you for the rest ... Be blessed... Jesus defeated every power of darkness....Hallelujah!
Posted:  23 Sep 2014 01:53
That's a Gaither song, and there's a great Video on U-Tube (you might check to see if it's on God's Vine, also.  Only thing I did not like about the U-Tube version was the ad at beginning.....................but just click on "skip ad" ASAP.  I will really have you signing it all day, over & over again:  Enjoy! Our God is an awesome God!
Posted:  17 Sep 2015 14:47
Oh my! Av been looking for this lyrics for a while now, have actually been singing the wrong lyrics, thank GOD, I found this site. Bless you all
Posted:  23 Nov 2015 10:53
I'm so delighted to have seen this cos I've always found it very difficult to understand what the last part of the chorus is no matter how attentive I've always been, i.e. "holding to His nail scarred hands". Thanks to whoever posted the lyrics.
Posted:  07 Apr 2016 07:34
This is not a Gaither song. Yes they recorded it, but this song was written by none than Bud Chambers.
Posted:  29 Apr 2017 13:23
Thanks for the lyrics... 😊  thanks for posting it 😊😊
Posted:  11 May 2017 07:12
The song with one more river lyric is actually done by Elms District called Journey On
Posted:  11 May 2017 07:14
I found it on Spotify and it's the song from criminal minds
Again it's Elms District song is Journey On
Posted:  23 May 2017 03:49
    Words & Music:  Bud Chambers        Key:  G    4/4
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