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Posted:  23 Jun 2009 09:56
Please, can anyone help me with the words to the song that the Mckameys sing       I AM HOME?    I have been searching for them but not been able to locate them.  I have never heard this song before I heard them sing it so I'm not sure where to look for it. THANKS!
Posted:  24 Jun 2009 04:14
I Am Home

1.  Can you imagine a a place of beauty where the streets are paved with gold, and the walls are made of jasper, and the Crystal River flows.  A place where mansions line the streets and night will never be.  I can't wait  'til I can say, "I'm home."

Cho:  I am Home.  I am Home.  I can see king Jesus on His throne.  There's my family and my loved ones that have gone on before.  I am Home.  I am Home. 

2.  There'll be no sin there in that place for all of man is saved by grace.  And no earthquakes or famine will there be found.  There'll be no pain, no sorrow there, for that's my home beyond compare.  And I can't wait "til I can say, "I'm Home.

Tag:  There's my family and my loved ones that have gone on before.  I am Home.  I am Home.
Posted:  27 Jun 2009 07:21
Posted:  27 Sep 2010 18:31
I am looking for the name of the hymn that have the words....the street are paved with gold.
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