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Posted:  21 Jun 2009 00:09
The chorus: Just hold on my child,because he's not too far away,and knows your need before you pray.........
Posted:  21 Jun 2009 03:32
Here is what I am remembering.

They sent for Jesus, your friend's about to die
But tarried He on yet behind
So they laid Lazarus in the tomb
And they said their last good-byes
Then coming down the road was Jesus
Right on time.

Just hold on my child
Because He's not too far away
And He knows your needs before you pray
So when your feet are weary
From those mountains you have climbed
Look ahead, here comes Jesus
Right on time

I've struggled through life's deserts
They were so hot and dry
Till it seemed all hope was gone
And I would die
And I wondered where was He
Is He still a friend of mine
Then coming down the road was Jesus
Right on time

Posted:  16 Dec 2009 20:31
this has been a song that i have always loved. i thanks god for making it.. love yall
Posted:  31 Jul 2010 23:27
beautiful song with a lot of meaning!
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