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Posted:  11 Sep 2006 11:20
need the lyrics to this song by the Singing Cooks
Posted:  12 Sep 2006 05:35
There is one that I sing by The Wilburns.

Inside the gate inside the portals
We'll sing and shout and celebrate
There'll be no pain, no sorrow and no crying
We'll leave that all outside the gate

Is this the one?  If so I can post the verses too.
Posted:  14 Sep 2006 11:24
This is the one I need the words to.  Thank you so much for giving them.
Posted:  16 Sep 2006 00:57
Vs. 1
Sometimes our eyes with tears run over
When pain and sorrow is our fate
But when this race is finally over
We'll leave that all outside the gate

Vs. 2
We'll see the Lord our dad and mother
We've said Goodbye and they now await
And soon you and I must make that same journey
Friend, don't be left outside the gate
Posted:  17 Sep 2006 01:13
Posted:  14 Nov 2013 20:19
Thanks so much for the lyrics to this song.  It has been such a blessing to so many people to have this sung a dear friends funeral.  God Bless!
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