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Posted:  13 Jun 2009 14:07
I would like the lyrics to the song "What A Healing Jesus".  I believe Mary Brown (of Dean & Mary Brown fame) wrote the song.
Thank you.
Posted:  13 Jun 2009 18:04
What a healing Jesus

1. When walking by the sea, come and  follow me, Jesus called
Then all through Galilee, the sick and the diseased, He healed them all
Jesus hasn’t changed, His power is still the same, as when He walked the shore
This man of Galilee is still the healing Jesus, now and ever more

What a healing Jesus, I found in you
What a healing Jesus, you restore, refresh and renew
You’re my healing Jesus, for such a time as this
Arise on healing wings, Son of righteousness

2. The spirit of the Lord now is upon me, anointing me
To heal the broken hearts, open prison doors, set captives free
To comfort those that mourn and fill their lips with praise, to pour the oil of joy
That they may be called the trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord

Chorus  x 2
You’re here on healing wings, Son of righteousness
Posted:  15 Jun 2009 19:26
Yep, that's the one. Thank you very much for taking the time and effort for this.
Posted:  27 Jun 2010 03:54
such a beautiful song
Posted:  08 Jul 2010 03:03
Just watched Unfolding Majesty and thought about the song:  "What a healing Jesus a found in you...." how can I get the song is it on any CD?  Let me hear from you.

Posted:  19 Aug 2010 00:12
Thank you for the lyrics . I had heard the chous but didn't know the verses.
Posted:  20 Nov 2010 09:49
a "Guest" requested information on how they could get the song "what a healing, Jesus" on CD.

Below is a website where a CD is available with the song.


Posted:  17 Jan 2012 04:10
Have a Uncle in need of healing of cancer... God can heal Him, Please pray thanks, Edge
Posted:  15 Jul 2012 15:40
God is still in the healing business if we only believe
Posted:  21 Aug 2012 00:13
Just heard of an in law with cancer. Prayed for him searched for the lyrics of the song to sing. Thanks God I was able to find it.  So appropriate for such a time as this
Posted:  09 Feb 2015 17:29
Thank you for posting this song, I lost the lyrics that I had had for years a few months ago and have been looking for them ever sense.  God bless
Posted:  14 Jul 2015 02:26
Thanks for the post. I'll be singing this next week in church.
Posted:  14 Jul 2015 02:28   Last Edited By: steveliu
Jimmy Swaggart does this song beautifully. You can get it from iTunes for .99

https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-healing ...

or can buy the CD from https://www.shopjsm.org/p-37-the-healing-jesu ...
Posted:  04 Nov 2015 19:34
Hi God bless I'm fairly new to playing and would really love for somebody to help me with finding the chords to this song  I love to play it I would really appreciate it thanks God bless you can reach me at www.donnycmd@gmail
Posted:  14 Nov 2015 18:55
Please pray for my sick puppy...that is very sick....
Posted:  29 Nov 2016 08:22
Any one help me with chords  email me donnycmd2@gmail.com  thanks
Posted:  07 May 2017 03:40
What a Healing Yahshua
Posted:  16 Jun 2017 20:46
I need my healing Jesus to touch me right now and heal me of forty years of panic attacks, paralyzed right hand from polio as a child in 1945,recent diagnosis of Diabetes 2,need a right knee. Please pray for me! Thank you.....
Posted:  16 Jun 2017 21:16
Dear Guest,
It is a privilege to pray for you.
Understanding that Isaiah 53:5 reads by His stripes we are healed;
not will be or might be but ARE healed and Psalms 116:2 points out
that God will incline His ear when you call on Him, cements my faith
in confidently asking Jesus to touch you right now.
Thank you for your request
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