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Posted:  11 Jun 2009 16:48
This is the only part of the song i can remember and i have been singing the one line over and over! i'm sure my co-workers are ready for the rest of the song as much i am. Can anybody help??
Posted:  11 Jun 2009 16:49
for i was born to serve the lord may be the name of it....
Posted:  11 Jun 2009 23:23
From the dust of the earth
My God created man
His breath gave man a living soul
For God so loved this world
That He gave His only Son
And that is why I love Him so

For I was made in His likeness
Created in His image
For I was born to serve the Lord
And I can't deny Him
And I will always walk beside Him
For I was born to serve the Lord

Yes, my hands were made
to help my neighbor
My eyes were made
To read God's word
My feet were made
to walk in His footsteps
My body is the temple of the Lord


Yes I was born to serve the Lord!
Posted:  24 Jun 2012 17:57
Another great classic song written by Bud Chambers.
Posted:  09 Oct 2012 22:24
that's not quite the way i learned it, but it's almost the same.
Posted:  22 Dec 2012 07:29
Does anyone know the chords for Born to serve the Lord?
Posted:  23 Sep 2013 12:42
Originally "serve" was "love"
Posted:  23 Sep 2013 17:02
one of several videos (this with words) available:
Bud Chambers indeed wrote Born to Serve the Lord
I think it is interesting that whoever produced this gave
Janet Trout  (Huffman music) credit for music & lyrics.
of which there is no substantiation. Aside from this
obfuscation, the interpretation is pleasing in lifting up
The Lord we serve
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