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Posted:  08 Sep 2006 13:08
please help i have been searching the web for weeks trying to find a hymn. The only part i know is since the lord saved me i'm as happy as can be my cups full and running over.Can anyone tell me what the name of this song is and where i might find it?
Posted:  29 May 2009 06:32
I'm almost 73 years of age.
As a boy I took some piano lessons in the home of a Scottish church minister called Rev, William Gardner Hunter who lived in the manse at 17 Traquaire Drive, Glasgow.
One day he told me  an amazing story about how he composed the chorus you refer to.
It is such a simple little chorus which became well known throughout the world called: " My cups full and running over" or simply, "Running Over"
The words ofcourse are taken from the Bible to express a persons joy.
The little story about "Running Over" remaned with me and in my late thirties I to became a Christian.
I have a web site if you care to visit it.
Hope this is helpful.
Bob Park.
Posted:  29 May 2009 13:11
All I know is the chorus,I have never heard any verses to this. Here are the words to the chorus

Running over,running over
My cup is full and running over
Since the Lord saved me
I'm as happpy as can be
My cup is full and running over
Posted:  03 May 2010 15:07
As you a referring to my Grandfather William Gardner Hunter, I can now put your minds at rest.  I have in front of me Cross and Crown Melodies compiled by W. Gardner Hunter Preacher Pianist.

Running Over

Verse 1

Since the Saviour came to this heart of mine
My cups filled and running over
Filling my poor soul with his joy divine
My cup's filled and running over.


Running over, running over,
My cups filled and running over
Since the lord saved me
I'm as happy as can be
My cup's filled and running over

Verse 2

With my Lord so Dear
I have naught to fear
My cup's filled and running over
Though my way be drear
He is ever near
My cup's filled and running over


Verse 3

Even though I walk
Through the death's darksome vale
My cup's filled and running over
Christ my lord shall be
My comfort still
My cup's filled and running over


Verse 4

Sinner seek the Lord
Trust his precious word
While the Angels round you hover
Heaven's Bells will ring
And you then will sing
My Cup's filled and running over

Posted:  28 Aug 2011 10:45
Can you tell me - are the words and chorus to the same tune?
Posted:  09 May 2013 13:23
I am also the grandchild of the Reverend William Gardner Hunter. My mother is his daughter I have not met my mother she had me adopted as a baby and sadly I never met my grandfather but I would love to meet my family one day as I found out I have sisters and a brother I have never met maybe one day we will
Posted:  03 Aug 2013 18:30
I met an old age pensioner lady today on the Sound of Kintyre bus and she said her father was a minister and that he wrote the chorus of 'Running Over'.  Been singing it to myself all day since. Sweet memories of childhood singing it in Sunday School!
Posted:  13 Aug 2013 19:18
I am looking for information about any relatives of the Reverend William Gardner-Hunter i am trying to get in touch with his daughter Elizabeth any help would be great thanks.
Posted:  25 Aug 2013 22:00
I know Elisabeth, obviously I won't pass her details on however can pass a message on if that helps.
Posted:  04 Sep 2013 15:03
can you pleae tell Elisabeth that i am sorry i did not keep in touch but i found out a lot of stuff that i did not understand and found too upsetting to deal with and if Elisabeth is able to tell me who my biological father is then i would be grateful as she is the only one who can tell me the truth and then maybe i will be able to find peace my email address is shona44@hotmail.co.uk and please let Elisabeth know i forgive her for giving me away as a baby and that even though i have not met Elisabeth there is not a day goes by that i do not think of her please tell Elisabeth i never got in touch with her too cause her upset i got in touch with her as she is the only one who can answer my questions so i am sorry if i caused Elisabeth any pain
Posted:  24 Nov 2013 19:42
It was my great grandfather Seth Sykes, the Scottish evangelist and hymn writer, who wrote the lyrics of Running Over.  His friend, William G. Hunter, saw the lyrics and wrote music for them.  Please note, it's "my cup's filled and running over" not "my cup's full and running over".

Graham MacDougall

From hymnary.org (http://www.hymnary.org/node/14709)

"As a new member this is a short note to complete the information held by you on the above. "Running over" was an incredibly popular children`s chorus, but actually was part of a hymn written by Seth Sykes of Glasgow Scotland. His friend and fellow evangelist Rev William Gardner-Hunter saw the words and created the tune. It was published in Rev. Gardner-Hunter`s "Cross and Crown Melodies". Rev. Gardner-Hunter went to be with the Lord in 1973."
Posted:  22 Oct 2014 15:07
As a kid I thought the song was:

Running over, running over
My best friend's just been run over
And the Lord said to me
He's as happy as can be
My best friend's just been run over

It didn't make a great deal of sense to me, but the world seldom does when you're six years old.
Posted:  18 Feb 2016 00:15
Here is the sheet music to Running Over by W. Gardner Hunter
here find an audio:


Above, on 3/10/2010 William Gardner Hunter's grandchild
posted four verses and the name of the publication,
     Cross and Crown Melodies compiled by W. Gardner Hunter
that she copied them from.
Here is the link to a source
http://www.abebooks.co.uk/Cross-Crown-Melodie ...
Posted:  21 Jul 2016 15:54
Well you know me now sis x
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