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Posted:  25 May 2009 13:52
Does anyone know the name of the this hymn (Catholic, I believe) -- it goes Hear Oh Lord, the sound of my call. My heart is longing for the glory of you....
A patient of mine would like this played at her funeral and we need to know the name of it. Thanks.
Posted:  11 Jun 2009 05:37
Best Answer - Chosen by Asker
Hear O Lord


Hear O Lord the sound of my call

Hear O Lord and have mercy

My soul is longing for the glory of you

O hear O Lord and answer me


Every night before I sleep

I pray my soul to take

Or else I pray that loneliness

Is gone when I awake.


Why do I no longer feel

Like I've a place to stay?

O take me where someone will care

So fear will go away.


In you Lord I place my cares

And all my troubles too

O grant, dear Lord, that some day soon

I'll live in peace with you.

Posted:  14 Nov 2009 02:56
You can listen to it at:
Posted:  23 Sep 2016 17:32
I love this song !!!
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