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Posted:  23 May 2009 03:43
it goes "bless the lord yes bless the lord well bless his holy name let me not forget all his benefits or the blessings that he brings lifting up my hands to the great I AM let me never be ashamed with all that is within me now oh bless his holy name"
Posted:  24 May 2009 03:27
Oh, Bless The Lord, Bless His Holy Name

Oh, bless the Lord
Yes, bless the Lord
Well, bless His Holy Name
Let me not forget all the benefits
And the blessings that He gave
Lifting up my hands to the Great I Am
Let me never be ashamed
With all that is with in me now
Oh, Bless His Holy Name

Now Jesus is to me my Everything
And I bless the day He came
When He gave me drink from the fountain sweet
So I'll never thirst again
Now through the Spirit of the Son
To the Father I can say
For your saving Blood and for all you've done
Bless your Holy and Sweet Name

Repeat Chorus:

Someday I'll move beyond the blue
Where a better home awaits
There to lay aside for a crown of life
All the sorrow, death, and pain
To see my loved ones and to know
I have left this world behind
I will lift my hands and I'll praise His Name
While I'm shouting through the sky

Repeat Chorus:
Posted:  25 May 2009 04:28
we sing this at church its a blessin we always git more stirred up wen we sing this lol
Posted:  22 May 2012 01:18
I love this song!!!
Posted:  27 Jul 2012 19:56
Who sings this song? Is there audio any where? We used to sing it at our old church.  We have moved states ans changed churches.  I would like to teach it to my new church but can't get the verses right.  I am the church pianist so any sheet music would be great too. Thank you!
Posted:  02 Oct 2012 22:37
I absolutely LOVE this song! It is such a blessing! It is so true also!!! GOD reallly is great! GOd is always good and GOD is always right.
Posted:  04 Apr 2013 01:12
I'm not sure the name but I believe the rochesters sing it. If u look out up on YouTube their children are singing its beautiful too.
Posted:  09 Dec 2013 20:46
I love this song we sing it at church. (Our youth/Jr. choir.)
Posted:  23 Mar 2016 23:38
i LLOOOVVEEEEE this song
Posted:  07 Jul 2016 04:46
Sheet music is available at www.therochesterfamily.com under the submenu "extras". Greatly talented family! So awesome to hear them sing at the Burlington Revival in Burlington, NC!
Posted:  04 Sep 2017 00:54
I am looking for the lyrics I'LL Just Go with GOd
Posted:  04 Sep 2017 01:05
looking for words to I'll Go with God
Posted:  04 Sep 2017 01:59
Looking for the lyrics to- What Can I Do For You by the WHisnants
Posted:  04 Sep 2017 02:01
Looking for lyrics Stand By Me
Posted:  05 Sep 2017 00:54
for the guest(s) who posted above looking for
to continue, please go to
http://www.namethathymn.com/hymn-lyrics-detec ...
Posted:  05 Sep 2017 01:26
for the guest looking for What Can I Do For You by The Whisnants
For continuity sake we have created a separate post with the lyrics
Please go to
http://www.namethathymn.com/hymn-lyrics-detec ...
Posted:  05 Sep 2017 03:08
for the guest requesting STAND BY ME
I redirect you to our archives
http://www.namethathymn.com/hymn-lyrics-detec ...
if that isn't the hymn you are looking for, you might want to continue in that link
with more information
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