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Posted:  15 May 2009 19:48
I'm looking for the lyrics to I'm Glad He Fifted Me Out
Posted:  02 Jun 2009 21:06
Here are the words:
v1. I'll never forget that day, when I heard the dear savior say, I'll take all your fears away, your troubles and doubts. My feet were in sinking sand, and I knew that I could not stand, then I felt His precious hand, as He lifted me out.
chorus: He lifted me out, of the deep miry clay; He planted my feet, on the heavenly way. I'll tell it where e'er I go, for I want the whole world to know, I'm glad that He loved me so, that He lifted me out
v2. I traveled on sin's broad road, far away from that blest abode, and bent 'neath my heavy load, but now I can shout. (Oh yes, I can shout), For Jesus the Savior came, when I called on His precious name, He took all my sin and shame, and He lifted me out
v3. If you are away from God, in the pathway of sin you trod, let Him be your staff and rod, and turn you about. From sin He will set you free, and the pathway of life you'll see, then just as he did for me, He will lift you right out.

Now... if this is the right song, how about getting me the notes to play it with? I've found a couple church choirs singing it, but need the sheet music so MY church can play and sing it, too! If you have, please send a copy to thegremlin@bledsoe.net at your earliest convenience. Hope this solves YOUR quandry, and that YOU can solve MINE!  Don
Posted:  21 Jan 2015 08:25
Need the chords to I'm Glad He Lifted Me Out
Posted:  21 Jan 2015 08:28
Need the chords to I'm Glad He Lifted Me Out
Posted:  03 Mar 2016 19:46
Does anyone have the sheet music to I'm Glad He Lifted me Out
Posted:  06 Mar 2016 16:02
if you will email me at caro1971@comcast.net, I have the sheet music for this song.  I'd be honored to send it to you.  Just put the title of the song as the subject.  theda
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