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Posted:  26 Mar 2016 11:13
pls i need the tonic solfa sheet for brigade in ghana. pls send it to my email paakwasi528@gmail.com
Posted:  24 May 2016 16:10
could you please send me a clean music sheet of this song to my gmail- nicholasuzoma5@gmail.com
thanks and God bless.
Posted:  28 Jun 2016 00:22
Pls can I get the sheet Plsssssss.  My e mail is tronicvic@yahoo.uk
Posted:  04 Aug 2016 18:21
Please can i also have the sheet music with tonic solfa notation for my church choir.  Veekoza@yahoo.com
Posted:  12 Feb 2017 06:23
Please I need the music sheet for my choir .ifedayookikiola@yahoo.com
Posted:  23 Mar 2017 10:51
Thank you so much for publishing the lyrics to this great music/Anthem. Please send me the musical notes/sheet or whatever it is called (sayontanneh11@gmail.com or jbtanneh@gmail.com),  for I really don't understand the wordings when it is sung by my church choir. No one can tell me the exact wordings when I asked.

Again, many thanks.
Posted:  30 Jul 2017 14:48
Please anyone send me the score sheet of this song. eshaiy4sunday@ymail.com
Posted:  24 Aug 2017 19:01
I won't mind if I can get the sheet music and tonic solfa too. Kindly email to omololaajayi35@gmail.com
Posted:  01 Nov 2017 16:52
Please I need the music sheet for my choir . tosinabims@gmail.com
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