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Posted:  16 Feb 2014 08:17
I will so much appreciate anyone who can send me the Tonic Solfa of this song. You will be doing God a great service by sharing it. I have searched for it for years to teach my choir. My email is chudypriestly@yahoo.com
Posted:  25 Mar 2014 10:02
please send the sheet music to adutim2002@yahoo.co.uk
Posted:  20 Jun 2014 15:26
like please how do i get the audio of dis song?
Posted:  22 Aug 2014 07:31
please any one send me the music sheet kudowtobey@gmail.com. thanks so  much
Posted:  07 Sep 2014 23:59
I'm in desperate need of this musical piece please send the music sheet to
God bless you real good
Posted:  17 Sep 2014 03:53
pls, i'm in need of the SATB in staff notation my email is chukdophus@yahoo.com.
Posted:  20 Oct 2014 16:03
please, I need the score of the song also. Thanks
Posted:  01 Jan 2015 02:24
Oh Lord my God( 2x)
When I look at the works of your hands
How excellent( 2x) is your name
Oh Lord my God!
Posted:  18 Apr 2015 22:10
this is the best hymnn
Posted:  23 Apr 2015 15:59
please send me the music sheet pdf of how excellent is thy loving kindness to my email id-chanuo_neikha@rediffmail.com
Thank you
Posted:  28 Apr 2015 17:42
PLS I NEED IT ALSO. MY MAIL; emmavwegba@gmail.com
Posted:  05 May 2015 07:04
Please, I despirately do need the sheet music. Could you email it to eustrix22@yahoo.com ? Thank you!
Posted:  11 May 2015 19:49
pls i need d music sheet of this song; SATB; my email is samuelseg54@gmail: Thanks
Posted:  23 May 2015 06:36
I need the tonic solfa of ds song please,  send to harriet2simple4u@yahoo. com
Posted:  14 Aug 2015 16:38
please can someone please send the how excellent is thy loving kindness' to my email pls Elijahjeone@yahoo.com
Posted:  18 Aug 2015 14:50
Anyone that needs the score sheet should get it here:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-cAq5F7sueH ...
Posted:  22 Aug 2015 15:20
Please send me the sheet music for this piece, how excellent is thy loving kindness...holerwharle@gmail.com
Posted:  22 Aug 2015 15:23
Pls email the sheet music for 'How excellent is thy loving kindness' holerwharle@gmail.com
Posted:  30 Aug 2015 23:20
can I Also get the sheet music in tonic solfa too and also the staff notation if possible to that song pls my email is ricapills@gmail.com
Posted:  11 Sep 2015 01:28
Pls I need d musicsheet too.oduwole.funso@yahoo.com,thks
Posted:  19 Sep 2015 08:56
Oh my God !!!!! Pls guy, I am desperately in need of the full musical sheet of How excellent ... with scores. Pls kindly email it to michaelogunji@gmail.com. God bless U real good...

Posted:  30 Sep 2015 21:07
Can  anyone please send me the music sheet of this hymn. Im desperate, please! God bless u.  evegaryking@gmail.com
Posted:  30 Sep 2015 21:09
Can  anyone please send me the music sheet of this hymn. Im desperate, please! God bless u.  evegaryking@gmail.com
Posted:  10 Oct 2015 12:16
Hi there.
Can I please have this song in tonic solfs. My email add is miriamchibaya1@gmail.com

Posted:  31 Oct 2015 00:08
Please, help me send a copy of d How excellent song to this email Oladepojohn21@gmail.com.  Thanks.
Posted:  11 Nov 2015 19:46
Pls send to my mail too bimpsyade@gmail.com
Posted:  12 Nov 2015 14:27
good afternoon please i have searched ernestly for the pdf file of how excellent is thy loving kindness................please can you help me out with any at your disposal......please God bless you.
Posted:  20 Nov 2015 11:06
hello in the house, I think I will also need to have a copy of the score of thesame song. I have searched everywhere I know on the internet but still cannot find it. Anyone who has got it here should please forward to project2012fortolu@gmail.com Thanks. preferably immediately.
Posted:  27 Nov 2015 19:13
Please, I urgently need this song. i will appreciate if someone sends me the sheet music and tonic sol-fa. Here is my email address othnielcicinho@yahoo.com
Posted:  11 Jan 2016 14:29
Pls send the sheet music to me ASAP, thanks
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