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Posted:  23 Nov 2012 22:26
please i also need the music sheet. my email address is olaadebayo2002@yahoo.com. please kindly send it to me also. Thanks
Posted:  29 Nov 2012 12:31
Please and please, for God's sake and Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, kindly send me the Sheet music too, and if possible the MP# file of the song too.

Send it to wilfem2002@yahoo.com
Posted:  09 Dec 2012 00:30
PLS I NEED THE SHEET MUSIC OF HOW EXCELLENT .....email -rregsyl@yahoo.com
Posted:  15 Jan 2013 16:05
Has anyone yet had a response back with the SATB sheet music + tonic sol-fa of 'How excellent is thy loving kindness'?

I would really love to have the sheet musiv emailed to me @ lucyyomi@hotmail.com if anyone knows where to get it from.

God bless
Posted:  16 Jan 2013 03:44
Kindly help with the lyrics, tonic solfa, as well as the orchestra of this song.
Thank you.
Posted:  19 Jan 2013 19:23
Me too,wondering if the tonic solfa could be found. I really need it. Chibujax@gmail.com God bless u
Posted:  02 Feb 2013 19:03
Kindly send me the audio of this song.
Thank you
Posted:  25 Feb 2013 18:51
Please l need the solfa notation of how excellent to teach my choir tomorrow so if anyone out there can help me l will be very grateful. Please send to this email address revsandy3@yahoo.com thanks in advance. God richly bless you.
Posted:  26 Feb 2013 21:27
I will appreciate if anyone can please send the script with staff notation of this song "How excellent is thy loving kindness" to kingsleylato@yahoo.com. Please, I need it urgently.
Posted:  28 Feb 2013 13:31
Pls,l want the music Sheet or staff of this song urgently.l shall be grateful,if anybody can send it to my e~mail ; latoedukpo@yahoo.com. Thanks
Posted:  06 Mar 2013 05:48
Pls i would b glad if anyone could send me the tonic solfa of d . National anthem & some Military/paramilitary General Salutes..
Mail: ogatoepurelaws4peace@gmail.com
2go: oke4surekid
facebook: oke babatunde surekid gatoe.
Posted:  24 Mar 2013 18:15
please i need the sheet music for how excellent how excellent.please send it through to my email- kanaticephas@yahoo.com
Posted:  08 Apr 2013 23:09
take a look at   ---  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=im4q_QhOiVg

Posted:  02 May 2013 08:02
Please  assist with music sheet for how excellent is thy loving kindness
Posted:  06 May 2013 23:51
can someone please send me the music sheet too?


Posted:  09 May 2013 16:01
Kindly e-mail me the SATB - tonic solfa for my church choir any one who can help me with that.

My e-mail address : hayward@swellenmun.co.za
Posted:  10 May 2013 12:41
Yes i have the song with music sheet in staff and tonic solfa i would gladly share it with anyone to spread God's Good News. Let me know who needs it. my email id is aldenlyng@yahoo.com
Posted:  27 May 2013 19:15
I need a copy of the sheet music  of how excellent very urgently.  Please send it to milliewall04@yahoo.co.uk
Posted:  26 Jul 2013 23:46
I desperately need sheet music of "How excellent is thy loving kindness by John Burnham......" I am a member of the All Souls Church Choir, Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe. Please kindly send it to my email address cckatiza@zol.co.zw
Posted:  02 Aug 2013 17:05
Hi everyone, I am in need of the sheet music for How Excellent Is Thy Loving Kindness too. Pls send it to: info@looktothewordministries.org
Posted:  06 Aug 2013 15:04
For many years now I was trying to get a copy of this music and am now turning to  the internet. I am surprised to see so many persons are looking for for it. Could someone who has the choir arrangement with words please send me a copy as I would like to teach this to a choir. if  you only have the music score you can still send it to my email address at saallman@gmail.com

Thanks and best regards,
Posted:  10 Sep 2013 16:40
Dear all, I would love to receive the lyrics and tonic sol-fa compilation of ancient song "How excellent, how excellent, is Thy loving kindness". Kind assist if you can by send it to my email address  snnashong@gmail.com. Thank you in advance of your positive response.
Posted:  10 Sep 2013 16:43
Dear all, I would love to receive the lyrics and tonic sol-fa compilation of the ancient song "How excellent, how excellent, is Thy loving kindness". Kindly assist if you can by sending it to my email address  snnashong@gmail.com or snnashong@yahoo.com. Thank you in advance for your positive response.
Posted:  11 Sep 2013 13:30
pls can anyone help me with sheet music of how excellent is thy loving kindness, pls e-mail izktunapa@yahoo.com God bless u real good
Posted:  12 Sep 2013 12:16
good morning all, pls i'll also need the copy of the staff and tonic solfa. Dis is my email. Stanleyiro@gmail.com thanks
Posted:  17 Sep 2013 21:02
please send it to my email. knightlloui@gmail.com. I need it so urgently, its such a relief i found this page. I will be extremely grateful.
Posted:  11 Oct 2013 19:49
Please i need to download full music of d song
Posted:  14 Oct 2013 14:21
good day, can anyone help me out by forwarding the musical notes of the song "how excellent is thy loving kindness", thank in advance. my email adress is sylva.topnaar@gmail.com
Posted:  05 Nov 2013 16:28
please anyone with the music sheet should forward it to gibk21@yahoo.com. A thousand and one soul will appreciate the gesture
Posted:  31 Jan 2014 15:52
May i also have a copy of the sheet music for this song please. Anyone who can please send it to amwapongo@gmail.com
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