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Posted:  01 May 2009 05:44
I need to lyrics to this song. Sorry this is all I know.

Oh, Bless the Lord, Oh Bless the Lord, Oh Bless His Holy Name
Posted:  08 May 2009 05:14
My choir loves this song!

Oh, bless the Lord
Yes, bless the Lord
Well, bless His Holy Name
Let me not forget all the benefits
And the blessings that He gave
Lifting up my hands to the Great I Am
Let me never be ashamed
With all that is with in me now
Oh, Bless His Holy Name

Now Jesus is to me my Everything
And I bless the day He came
When He gave me drink from the fountain sweet
So I'll never thirst again
Now through the Spirit of the Son
To the Father I can say
For your saving Blood and for all you've done
Bless your Holy and Sweet Name


Someday I'll move beyond the blue
Where a better home awaits
There to lay aside for a crown of life
All the sorrow, death, and pain
To see my loved ones and to know
I have left this world behind
I will lift my hands and I'll praise His Name
While I'm shouting through the sky

Posted:  08 May 2009 22:08
Thank You Very Much!  God Bless You!
Posted:  12 Oct 2012 02:24
any idea where I might find the sheet music or chords to this song?
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