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Posted:  19 Apr 2009 22:50
words and music if known
Posted:  19 Apr 2009 23:02
one of my favorites!

Look For Me - by Rusty Goodman
sung by Tanya (Goodman) Sykes

When you finally, make your entrance, to that city
Of jasper walls, and bright gold avenues
As you behold ,all it's beauty, and it's splendor
Remember, there's just one request I make of you

Look for me, for I will be there too
I realize, when you arrive, there'll be so much to view
After you've been there 10,000 years, a million, maybe two
Look for me, for I will be there too

As you go down your list of firsts, there's no question
You'll want to see your loved ones, waiting there for you
And when you feel, you've shared your story with the last one
That wants to hear you tell, just how you made it through

2nd Chorus, sung after 2nd verse:
Look for me, I'd like to hear it too
I realize when you arrive, there'll be so much to view
After you've been there 10,000 years, a million, maybe two
Look for me, for I will be there too
Posted:  29 Apr 2009 01:48
Thank You for sharing this great song ..I have love one waiting for me and it really touched my heart when i heard it..Heaven ,will surely be a beautiful place to join our loved ones..
Posted:  06 Jul 2009 05:22
This song has really touched my heart I two looked for it forever and finally found it on line. My son and i are going to sing it in church. It is such a beautiful song .God Bless !!!
Posted:  13 Jul 2010 08:52
My Family jst luv diz song so much.....
its one of my brothers fav...
my brother is going through tough times now....his got kidney problems...
n his jst 12 yrs old....his my small & only brother....
we jst on the homecoming bill gaither series and sing along jst to keep us peace with God....jst Knowing how God works in our lives...he's Always be with us even we dont knw it....
my brother will be rewinding diz sng by tanya sykes over n over again...2moro 14/07/10 will be going to hospital for pre-dialysis medic treatment....
we jst Luv diz sng as the whole family even when our sister sydney is not here with us...
LUV U Brother the Lord will Guide ya'
Posted:  08 Aug 2010 05:45
This is a very powerful and assuring song<What a blessed hope to look forward to.I am minister of music at a pentecostal holiness church so i am used to fast paced songs<Last nite i flipped my channel to the Gaithers and when i heard this song i just broke down and cried becaused the words really touched my heart<I am about to introuceds this song to my praise team and i know that  this song wil minister to our entire congregation.Thanks
Posted:  16 Oct 2010 22:02
my family loved the Gaither and we watch the video of them singing.It's awsome all the song touched our hearts. loved the Gaither Vocal Band.
Posted:  09 Nov 2010 04:10
does someone have a link to an audio recording of this song?
Posted:  01 Apr 2011 04:10
You probably already found this but just in case... you can find a good clip of Tanya (Goodman) Sykes singin' this song, written by her Dad, Howard Goodman on Youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjbQyh8mBCE
Posted:  19 Mar 2012 08:22
amend lol
Posted:  24 Apr 2012 16:12
We're laying Dad to rest next to Mom on Friday. My brothers and I will be singing this at the gravesite. Amazing hope!
Posted:  07 Mar 2013 08:15
this song just blesses my heart.........God bless you Gaither vocal band
Posted:  05 May 2013 21:45
The song was actually written by Rusty Goodman who is Howard's brother and Tanya's father and the clip mentioned above is beautiful and very touching  on a Gaither video
Posted:  20 May 2013 10:25
LOVE THIS SONG ! blessings
Posted:  04 Jul 2013 21:21
I really love the song
Posted:  03 Sep 2013 09:42
Posted:  10 Oct 2013 05:21
I love this song, This song is so powerful.
Posted:  21 Feb 2014 06:42
Always love the song
Posted:  19 Mar 2014 23:16
Thank You Lord Jesus Amen!! Thank goodness! I love this song so much reminded me of my late daddy. Gave me some tears. Thank you for singing this song.
Posted:  23 Jun 2014 04:20
My dad has been gone 19 years now. That hymn was one of his favorites. I had it sang at his funeral by a member of a gospel group that was well known for their version of it. I Will Be There Too will always have special place in my familys hearts.
Posted:  19 Jul 2014 06:14
This is a Beautiful Song, I lost my Dad 4 Years ago and I when I get Lonely, this Song is Inspiring....Uplifting. Each time My Dad comes to mind, when I think of my Dad,  I play this Song. The only person I know who sings this Song is my Cousin; Bliss Richard - Cross Lake, Manitoba. And Does an Excelent job with this Song.
Posted:  08 Aug 2014 03:54
Posted:  31 Aug 2014 19:47
I lost my mom to conjestive heart failure 2 years ago. And when I feel like I'll never see her again, I listen to this song and that's all the reassurance I need to know that I WILL see her again
Posted:  02 Oct 2014 18:26
I lost my brother two years ago but this song gives me the assurance that i will surely meet him again. What a great assurance!
Posted:  02 Dec 2014 22:05
so beautiful and such a great reminder that Families Can Be Forever!
Posted:  05 Dec 2014 23:36
My wife sang this at her sister's funeral and everytime I hear it I think of her and her pain and my heart goes out to her in love.
Posted:  21 Jan 2015 02:52
i really just love this song...so touching
Posted:  18 May 2015 15:38
love the song
Posted:  23 May 2015 07:48
My great uncle is a small time gospel singer, and his version of this song is the best I have ever heard.
Posted:  13 Jul 2015 17:24
Is there anyone who can get me a copy of this song in MIDI format?  Please...
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