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Posted:  16 Apr 2009 21:20
This is the hymn I have been looking for, we sang it at Christ Church. Just need the music now for my funeral.!!!!!!!!!!Hopefully not for a long time though.
I Know Who Holds the Future
I do not know what lies ahead,
The way I cannot see,
But one stands near to be my guide,
He'll show the way to me.
I know who holds the future
And He'll guide me with his hand
With God things don't just happen,
Everything by him is planned.
So as I face tomorrow,
With its problems large and small,
I'll trust the God of miracles,
Give to Him my all.
I do not know how many days
Of life are mine to spend,
But one who knows and cares for me
Will keep me to the end.
I do not know the course ahead,
What joys and griefs are there.
But one stands near who fully knows,
I'll trust His loving care.

Thank you and kind regards shirley
Posted:  10 May 2011 19:03
Thank you
Posted:  04 Jun 2011 15:17
Please could you let me know what tune to sing this to?
Posted:  04 Jun 2011 15:18
My mother died yesterday and she gave copies of this to all the nurses in the home, and to her visitors, but we don't know what tune she would have sung it to. We ould like it at the funeral. Any ideas?
Posted:  05 Jun 2011 16:43
A friend has recently given me this hymn to share at a Ladies Meeting which I lead for our meeting tomorrow.  However she had no tune to it.   I asked another friend, who is our pianist and has known the Lord all her lifetime and is a wonderful pianist and organist, to find the tune.  She had never heard of the hymn but she found it with the music in a book entitled "Youth Praise".  It says 'Words & Music' by A.B. Smith & E. Clark.  "Youth Praise" was first published in 1966 by Falcon Books for the Church Pastoral Aid Society whose address is 32 Fleet Street, London EC4 Y1DB.  Wishing you every blessing.  Toni Hyne.
Posted:  05 Jun 2011 21:38
thank you very much
Posted:  11 Sep 2011 00:19
It's in YOUTH PRAISE probably book 1
Posted:  20 Nov 2011 15:17
It's in Mission Praise 269 -  a wonderful hymn .
Posted:  19 Jul 2012 09:05
I was sung by the Jordannaires but i down know if you can download it
Posted:  08 Feb 2013 16:15
I love this hymn too. this is all i could find
does any one have an older slow version? thanks
Posted:  11 Feb 2016 19:14
I'm sure it is in mission praise or youth praise. We sang it when I was a teenager and those were in vogue then (70s)
Posted:  28 Jun 2016 20:39
I love this hymn but am really sad that there's no decent versions on youtube. I think I'd like it for my funeral, but that should be many decades off I hope. The song is such an encouragement. Jeremiah 29v11. God bless. xx
Posted:  28 Jun 2016 20:54
It is in mission and junior praise although to access it online you have to have an account and subscribe
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