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Posted:  09 Apr 2009 21:38
I'm sixty years young and I remember singing this song as a child.  I think I've probably heard it since I've been an adult also.  As I can recall the words are as follows :  To me its so wonderful (3 or 4x)  to know that Jesus is mine!  I'm sure there is more to this song , its just that I can't remember anymore.  Thank you so much for any help.
Posted:  10 Apr 2009 02:15
Verse 1:When I should feel lonely, when I should feel sad. I'm so contented and my heart is so glad. Joybells are ringing and my soul is singing. It's wonderful to know that he is mine!
Chorus:To me it's so wonderful. To me it's so wonderful. To me it's so wonderful to know that Jesus is mine.
Verse 2:When I'm feeling lonely, my heart filled with gloom. God sends His angels to sing  in my room. I join the singing I can't decline. I'll go home I know for Jesus is mine!

I hope this helps! God bless!
Posted:  21 Jun 2011 08:21

#1cho.  oh~how i love je~sus  (x3) because he first loved me.

(#2cho):  to me~ he is~ so won~der~ful (x3) to me~ he is~ so won~der~fu, to know that jesus is mind.

the verses above are correct.  but that is the way second chorus goes
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