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Posted:  30 Mar 2009 20:20
I would like lyrics and sheet music for "Fear not Tomorrow, God is already there"
Posted:  02 Feb 2011 06:41
Verse 1:
In this age of uncertainty questions come to my mind what is waiting ahead for me and the rest of mankind.

Fear not tomorrow God is already there. He's charting the course you'll take He sees each hidden stair. He's waiting to guide you, through each burden and care. Fear not tomorrow God is already there.

Verse 2:
Are you troubled o'er things to come is your future unsure are you dreading the coming dawn a long day to endure.

Many things about tomorrow, I don't seem to understand, oh but I know, who holds tomorrow, and I know, oh I know, yes I know, who holds my hand. Fear not tomorrow God is already there.
Posted:  10 Apr 2011 18:55
Amazing song. Thank God
Posted:  15 Jul 2011 13:56
really encouraging as am n a waiting period now.....
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